2021 Nissan AriyaNissan presents details of the new comprehensive testing programme behind Ariya's excellent performance rates, enhanced comfort and elegant design.

Tested extensively by a team of experts at Nissan's facility in Hokkaido, Japan, each element of the acceleration, performance and handling has been carefully reviewed and refined.

The rigorous development program uses an eclectic approach to meet the needs of all drivers around the world. Also, for better assessment and added customer reassurance, Ariya was tested locally to demonstrate its capabilities in European driving environments like tight corners, fast highways and mountain roads.

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Nissan's experienced engineers in Japan and the research technicians at Nissan Technical Centre in Cranfield, UK, would share their insight and make all the changes that would contribute to even more agile and capable Ariya.

Through these insights and our colleagues' detailed testing programme, we're confident that Ariya will exceed our customers' expectations

A behind-the-scenes look at the extensive testing conducted for Ariya can be viewed on YouTube:

Source: Nissan