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Nissan News

nisan announces new details about upcoming 2020 sentra

On the eve of the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan unveiled its all-new 2020 Nissan Sentra model. The new addition to the lineup, which goes on sale in late January, transforms the storied nameplate into a head-turning compact sedan with numerous upgrades, cutting-edge technologies and seamless connectivity and perfo

nissan leaf e+ receives two prestigious awards from pocket-lint!

Nissan LEAF e+ has been named overall “Product of the Year” as well as “Best Car” at the EE Pocket-lint Awards 2019. The awards celebrate the best technologies, gadgets and games of the last 12 months, as voted for by both the industry and general public. Shortlisted from the numerous other Pocket-lint reviewed this year, the 19 final winners are the best of the best in their categories. In the “Best Car” award, LEAF e+ managed to

2020 nissan maxima is rated as

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has granted 2019 and 2020 Nissan Maxima midsize sedans models with “Superior” rate in terms of crash prevention. Engineers at the prominent automobile manufacturer believe that advanced and meaningful technology should not be limited to luxury models and constantly finds ways to incorporate engineering solutions to all vehicles from all models and lineups. Such systems include Automatic Eme

nissan reveals new technologies with a single test-drive machine

Electric vehicle performance takes a large leap forward with the unveiling of new Nissan EV lineup. The prominent brand has revealed a high-output twin-motor and AWD test car that is also geared with tons of features. The machine is based on the Nissan LEAF e+ and comes with a fine-tuned all-wheel drive system powered by a front and rear high-power motors integrated with Nissan-developed chassis control technology. This setup results in an ele

nissan proudly unveils ariya concept at the tokyo motor show

Nissan team proudly unveiled the Ariya Concept, a crossover EV with twin-electric motors, powerful acceleration capabilities and next-gen driver assistance technologies. The vehicle draws a new line of ideas and concepts that would eventually be incorporated in other Nissan machines. Design concept The Ariya Concept features an entirely new design direction for the brand. Characterized by revised and wide front fenders, super-thin LED headlight

nissan showcases new 2020 titan characteristics and equipment! [video]

New Nissan TITAN full-size pickup has undergone a comprehensive redesign program and now showcases tons of new features, revised exterior design and tons of new cutting-edge technologies and gadgets. Let’s see what else Nissan has prepared for us in 2020! Exterior design 2020 TITAN has received its notable looks at the Nissan Design America plant in La Jolla, Calif. By following the “Powerful Warrior” design concept, engineers have manage

nissan team reveals additional details for 2020 armada lineup!

Nissan announced US pricing and details for the 2020 Armada full-size SUV, which is already on sale at brand’s dealers worldwide. For 2020, Armada adds sexy new set of 22-inch wheels with 14-spoke forged aluminum alloys, heated outside mirrors and numerous more goodies for all trim levels. Armada, Nissan’s flagship SUV is especially designed for full-size family adventurers and off-road enthusiasts. The vehicle comes with eight seats and a

nissan showcases 2020 pathfinder details and capabilities

Nissan announced US pricing and additional details for the 2020 Pathfinder SUV, which is already on sale with a starting price of $31,680USD. This seven-passenger machine is offered in 2-wheel- and 4-wheel-drive configurations, along with four trim levels of equipment: S, SV, SL and Platinum. Additionally, for 2020, Pa