At the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan has undoubtedly pleased its fans and the crowd with its all-new, extraordinary fresh Nissan Ellure Concept vehicle. Benefiting from bold and clean yet highly aggressive vision, the exceptional eye-catcher showcases brand's dedication to even more environment-friendly products.

In its form, the new Ellure fallows the fundamental layout and dimensions of the conventional mid-size sedan, while taking advantage of a next-generation compact hybrid powertrain. This allows ride's wheels to be pushed out to the corners, creating a more powerful stance and cabin, as well as a highly utilizable trunk. On its inside, Ellure mirrors the exclusiveness of its exterior, boasting smooth fluid shaped forms of the instruments and contrasting ambience. Its front seats are finished in high-end black eco-suede with recycled fibers, and further showcase transparent red acrylic seatback panels and low shoulder height to reduce the usual "wall-feeling" between front and rear passengers. In the back, a three-person rear seat, upholstered in gray ultra-suede, provides the spaciousness of real sedan but in the style of pure coupe.

For powering the sleek Ellure Concept, Nissan's engineers has specially developed a supercharged 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder plant with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control backed by 25 kW electric motor, and linked with an Xtronic CVT and front-wheel drive. Furthermore, an independent suspension, regenerative braking, and an advanced drive-by-wire electric/hydraulic steering ensure that the driving experience of the future ride is exactly that dynamic as its physical properties.

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Nissan Ellure Concept Specifications:

Drivetrain: PURE DRIVE Hybrid, featuring: Supercharged 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine Intelligent Dual Clutch Control (one motor/two clutch design with powerful Lithium-ion battery) 25 kW electric motor

Max. engine power: 240 horsepower, 258 lb-ft of torque

Max. elec. motor power: 25 kW (approx. 35 hp), 147 lb-ft of torque (200 Nm)

Transmission: Xtronic CVT™

Drive Configuration: Front engine and motor/front-wheel drive Combines environmental technology with freedom of packaging

Suspension: Independent strut front, multi-link rear

Braking: Electric Driven Intelligent Brake System with energy regeneration

Steering: Electric/hydraulic power steering with "on-demand" assistance

Wheels/Tires: 21-inch 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with semi-transparent wheel covers for enhanced aerodynamic performance P205/45R21 Michelin low rolling resistance tires

Wheelbase: 114.2 inches

Length: 190.5 inches

Width: 72.3 inches

Height: 57.0 inches

Seating Capacity: 5-passenger

Exterior Design Concept: Solid, modern design created to add passion and emotion to traditional sedan efficiency, expresses new Nissan sedan design language

Select Exterior Features: Strong mass with refined contrast between broad planes and strong shoulders; deeply skirted front fascia; bold "eco-aero" front aluminum and solid-transparent grille with small opening and large polished Nissan badge, inspired by "Kamishino" Samurai formal outer coat; two-part chrome accents, combining brushed and bright chrome surfaces; rear end design inspired by traditional Japanese "Torii" Shinto shrine gate; aerodynamic integrated side rearview camera modules (in place of rearview mirrors) with projection onto twin instrument panel screens; large 90-degree opening doors with rear-hinged rear doors for full panoramic interior access and easy ingress/egress; full-length tinted glass roof with integrated nighttime interior accent lighting; full underbody cover for enhanced aerodynamic performance

Exterior Paint Finish: "Geode" White tri-coat mica, with pearlescent/gold flake with blue aspect; effect varies by tone and temperature of light

Interior Design Concept: Expression of day/nighttime duality – business-like in daytime for customers, clients and co-workers, engaging lounge-like ambience for embracing and extending evening social experiences with friends

Select Interior Features: "Shock wave" instrument panel design with clean, intuitive touch interfaces; wide display panel with two-layer information display arranged by priority of use; chrome-free leather (tanning process) on instrument panel with color gradation and use of heat repellent pigment for reduced glare and air conditioning compensation; black eco-suede front seat coverings utilizing 100% recycled fibers; transparent red acrylic front seatback panels; front passenger seat ottoman; gray ultra-suede rear seat coverings, rear seats integrated into door panels for lounge or banquette effect, roominess of sedan but feeling of coupe; "floating" front and rear headrests; truncated steering wheel, shaped to maximize view of instrument panel

"Floating" center console with sculptural, hollow see-through effect, white leather covering and backlit red nighttime lighting; console-mounted central controller for HVAC, audio, navigation and other functions; hidden audio system speakers embedded in doors and headrests; interior "alcove" style, recessed lighting design; armrest touch controls with haptic feedback; "shock wave" carpeting design with rings of color radiating from center out, carpeting made from handmade strips of 100% wool felt (naturally water repellent)

Interior Color Palette: Molten Ice (white), Molten Steel (gray) and Molten Onyx (black)