Here's a Pagani Huayra. Beautiful isn't it? However, when it goes on sale in 2013, prices will start from $1,150,000. I think "Huayra" is the sound one makes upon signing a deal. This is roughly the price of four Lamborghini Aventadors. What are Pagani's arguments on that? Yes, it has an AMG V12, 6.0-liter engine that develops above 700 hp and 1000Nm of torque, it's clever enough to operate, by itself, a set of flaps that can either reduce drag or increase downforce and it will most probably do 230 mph when pressed. But, because it is such an engineering perfection, it will be horrible to live with – Imagine this: You get in it, start the ignition and an oil well in Sahara evaporates. Whenever you see a speed hump, you'll have to spend precious time in looking for an alternative route and how are you going to take the children to school in it? A BMW M5 suddenly seems much more "sensible" and fit for the job.

So in an attempt to justify the Huayra's cosmic price, Pagani have released a documentary about the process of building one. It's rather good and it accents on the fact that the people making it are painfully striving towards attention to detail perfection. The rear emblem starts as a block of aluminum which is due to undergo a 24h carving procedure. The design process of the whole car took 5 years of research and inspiration (partly drawn from Leonardo da Vinci, obviously).

Set aside 15 minutes to watch the clip and afterward, you'll close the browser with a sense of awe. You still might not get convinced to sell your house, sell your other house and the yacht in order to order one, but you'll leave home knowing something about a great car, from a great car manufacturer. And that is always useful in the pub.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition Geneva 2012, 1 of 3Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition Geneva 2012, 2 of 3Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition Geneva 2012, 3 of 3

2011 Pagani Huayra, 1 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 2 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 3 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 4 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 5 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 6 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 7 of 402011 Pagani Huayra, 8 of 40

Source: Pagani via YouTube