Whilst the 207 CC has been launched to the public, another member of the 207 range, an additional silhouette is announced via a concept car that also benefits from its strong personality: the 207 SW Outdoor concept. The car's personality is displayed through its dynamic modern styling, and strong character combined with its abundant qualities. This concept car is for those who love open-air sport and leisure activities, who are in search of unique and intense experiences. Its style, the bodywork, its interior and the attention that has been given to colours and materials used, enables the vehicle to combine dreams of adventure with functional ingenuity.

Exterior: Dynamic and Purposeful

The 207 SW Outdoor manages to be stylish by the use of the front of the 207 combined with a new original design of the rear, giving real benefits, whilst at the same time retaining the character and intensity of the original Peugeot design. The line of the side windows flows up to the rear quarter panel where the arrow design is similar to that found on the 407 SW and 1007. The large rear lights strengthen this association by, starting further up from the rear wings, and following the bodyline, in perfect balance with the stylish front headlights.

The technical and innovative appearance of the lights is fashioned in the same manner as that of a precious stone, creating a transparent effect, with an intense chrome blue and orange appearance. From the back these lights visually emphasise the vehicle's larger rear design, synonymous with durability, good road holding and provides a large loading area when the tailgate is opened. The rear tailgate glass can also be opened independently of the tailgate as it is hinged on the two visual hinges.

Peugeot 207 SW Outdoor

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The bodywork mouldings (the wing extensions, sill mouldings) are all in a bluish chrome colour and circumvent the body shell, highlighting the exclusive appearance of the model whilst at the same time equally expressing its spirit of adventure In the same way, the inbuilt guards in the front and rear bumpers, together with the vehicle's generous ground clearance underline its "all terrain" aspirations.

Also of note on the vehicle as a whole is the use of bright orange to highlight items such as the brake calipers…, which brightens the blue shade of the body shell "02" and the bluish chrome detailing. Finally, the roof bars define the large panoramic glass sunroof in a very original way.

Interior: Brightness and Energy

The interior ambience is strengthened by the brightness created by the glass roof. The "outdoors" is in effect brought into the cabin of this 207 SW Outdoors. The fascia, with its light and flowing design, is common with the rest of the 207 range, and here is trimmed in a bluish light grey leather, to match the bodywork.

The seats and the door panels are trimmed in a "technical material" (parachute silk), luminous, creating a freshness and greater intensity to the interior. The use of fluorescent orange netting creates a dynamic feel, visually creating a link with the exterior of the vehicle.

On the rear of the front seats, the same netting can be found for the seat pockets specially developed for storing various objects, which would be found in this type of concept (torch, bottle, map, compass…)

The vehicle's modularity enables all kinds of sporting equipment to be easily loaded, thanks to a system that is as simple as it is ingenious – the rear seats have been designed to fold down in one movement to, give a perfectly flat space, the seat disappears into the floor at the point of the folded backrest.


The car is equipped with an engine that goes with its ‘Sporty' spirit, a 1.6 litre HDi 16v with a diesel particulate filter system (DPFS). Posted on Babez.de! Dynamic (with a maximum torque of 240 Nm at 1750 rpm, indeed 260 Nm with the overboost, and a maximum power of 80kW, around 110 bhp, at 4000 rpm). It is also economical to use with low CO2 emissions. The diesel particulate filter system (DPFS) also helps to preserve the environment by trapping and destroying soot particles.