Prior-Design has revealed an aerodynamic package which enhances the already astonishing sport appeal of the renowned Porsche 911 GT3. Following the project's motto "complete perfection", the exclusive super sportscar boasts extremely improved aerodynamic values.

Dubbed Prior-Design Porsche 911 PD3, the re-styled Porsche has revised front section which contributes for bigger supply of cool air as well as better levels of downforce. One of the most significant benefits from the revised front-end is the improved dispersal of the air flows through the carbon spoiler blade and the carbon inlets.Thanks to newly added sd-value enhancing sills, the side profile of the GT3 is guided seamlessly to the rear, ending at a rear section which is also new. Speaking of the rear-end, the specialists at Prior-Design have fitted the German vehicle with two additional carbon inlets and a diffusor, which contains two integrated carbon fins. Made of high-end carbon-flex fibre glass, all parts in the 911 PD3 aerodynamics programme corespond with PRIOR-Design's latest technological advances.

In addition to the new aero pack and exclusively for the project, Prior is also offering an in-house designed, hand-made stainless steel exhaust unit, which offers the driver a matchless driving experience over the full rev range, all the way up to 8,400 revs/min.

Furthermore, the 911 PD3's exterior impact is completed by a striking set of ultra light, multi-section forged wheels available in huge variety of different dimensions.

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