We had a glimpse of the interior of 2016 McLaren P1 GTR, and it is now time for the motorsport oriented company to show us little more. With the news that a production-intended P1 GTR is coming to Geneva, McLaren has also revealed pictures from the testing at global circuits in Europe and the Middle East. There is also a video showing the latest stages in the development programme of the car, which is featured below.

The launch of the bespoke Driver Programme happens ahead of the start of production car later this year. As testing continues P1 looks like one of the fastest McLarens that wears the famous ‘speed mark'.

Weight-saving measures have been significant here. Combined with the track-optimisation of the petrol-electric powertrain, the new car is set to boast a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 10 percent (when compared to the road-going model). This means more than 700 PS per tonne!

The team at McLaren did extensive work to achieve this result. Thanks to the motorsport-derived technology and expertise, the track-only model has already covered thousands of kilometres of extreme testing.

The result: the tests pushed the performance of the car to its limits! And also revealed the need to further enhance cooling and aerodynamics over the design concept previewed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance last summer.

This dedicated development programme is continuing at the moment and will do so over the coming months. It aims to additionally tune the performance, aerodynamics, driving dynamics and handling balance. In the forthcoming weeks, new drivers will join the Driver Programme. They will test the car at some of the most iconic racing circuits.

McLaren P1 GTR (2016) - picture 1 of 10
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Video Source: YouTube

Source: McLaren