Toyota's hybrid Prius c range welcomes the new year with a refined exterior, interior and dynamics. Australia's most affordable hybrid car now demonstrates sharper outline and enhanced driving environment both of which add to the smooth experience on the road. What makes this car even better than before is the reduced price and we all know that when a great car comes for less it becomes even greater. By dropping the price to $22,990 for the standard Prius c and $25,990 for the high-grade Prius c i-Tech, Toyota really gives a late Christmas present which everyone will embrace without thinking twice.

So let's cut to the chase now. Staying true to all Toyota hybrids, the Prius c can run on either just the petrol engine, the battery alone, or can use a combination of both. Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive combines the output of a petrol engine and electric motor by taking advantage of an innovative planetary-type continuously variable transmission. The 1.5-litre petrol engine generates 54 kW while the electric motor produces 45 kW. The combined power output then is that of 74 kW. Maximum torque is estimated at 111 Nm from the engine and 169 Nm from the motor. On the combined fuel-consumption test cycle, Prius c uses just 3.9 litres per 100km using 91 RON regular unleaded petrol. CO2 emissions are 90 grams/km.

In terms of the exterior, 2015 Toyota Prius c exhibits a refreshed style which features a more aggressive hexagonal grille. Moreover, the reshaped headlights provide a sharper appearance - halogen for the entry grade and a bi-LED lamp for Toyota Prius c i-Tech. The sculpturing of the automobile is further reinforced by a larger rear spoiler and new wheel covers adopted for the 15-inch steel wheels on the standard car. The i-Tech keeps its 15-inch alloy wheels. Yet, both grades arrive with full-size spares. Three new vibrant colours are available and include: Tango (orange), Aura (light blue) and Zest (lime).

Inside, there's a new fabric upholstery. The standard grade is able to impress thanks to the black with dark blue facings while the i-Tech's dark-grey seats are adorned by silver stitching that can also be seen on the steering wheel. Both Prius c models are fitted with reversing camera, seven airbags, vehicle stability and traction control, anti-skid brakes, hill-start assist control and cruise control.

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Source: Toyota