Renault is marketing a version of Clio Renault Sport Luxe to meet demand from customers looking for a vehicle that combines high performance, comfort, refinement, and safety. Clio Renault Sport Luxe boasts standards of performance and charisma on a par with its predecessor Clio Renault Sport.

It offers a wide range of equipment like leather upholstery, 17-inch diamond wheels, and chrome external features. Clio Renault Sport Luxe is an outstanding vehicle, due to hit the market in May 2007 in France and Italy, and subsequently other markets with country-specific option packs.Clio Renault Sport Luxe comes in two metallic colours (Dark Black and Monako Blue) and two non-metallic colours (Toro Red and Dynamo Blue).

Clio Renault Sport Luxe will be produced at the Renault plant in Dieppe. It will be marketed in France and Italy from May 2007 and subsequently on different markets with country-specific option packs.

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