RevoZport BMW M4BMW M3 and M4 are probably examples of the most praised German cars around the world. And when it comes to M series, BMW enthusiasts always go crazy, don't they? This is beneficial especially for tuning companies, because they always offer help when it comes to making the most individual, the best looking and most performance-capable car.

The same counts for the enhancement program that just has been released by RevoZport. The experts have created a special RZ-Performance aerokit for the BMW M3 and M4 models. In the gallery below, you will find pictures of the M4 series only, which has been equipped with the special pack.

BMW M3 has always been one of the most praised models and now it gets the most practical aerokit.

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Basically, the aero kit offers a little bit more aggressive interpretation of the M3 and M4. And please note, that it has been specifically created for the models equipped BMW Performance Package, meaning that they will already have an extra exhaust, intake or whatsoever. By the way, this is probably the best way to improve your Bavarian's performance.

This is why RevoZport's M aerokit steps on the BMW Performance products and adds a list of additional enhancements.

RZ-Performance Aerokit for BMW M3 & M4

RevoZport BMW M4 Rear View

As you can see, the front of this M4 is characterized by add-on lip extension and side fender spoiler. And if you wonder how these extras affect the car, well they give it more aggressive look and also improve its down force.

Furthermore, the brakes here received cooling duct, which comes with high temperature hose, air ducts and brakets. This helps in cooling the temperature of the front brakes, thus improving stopping performance.

Some people say that the "devil is in the details", and this is why we have probably missed the new side skirts at first glance. However, what helps in our "discovery" is the RevoZport-made BMW front fender spoiler. Combined with the new rear fender spoiler, this makes a harmonious finish to the overall design of the car.

Cool new GT wing is visible within an instance.

At last, rounding out the new visual effect is a special treatment to the rear end. Unlike the details, the GT wing is clearly visible within an instance. It is complemented by a two-element rear diffuser featuring a bumper skirts.

Although RevoZport offers only an aero kit, and no improvement to the exhaust or engine's performance, I believe that most BMW enthusiasts will be very keen on this project here. Basically, the pack has boosted the looks, aerodynamics and braking performance of the M4, and this makes it one of the most practical aerokits currently on the market.

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