2021 RML GTRML Group, the leading engineering company, reveals the new GT road car blending classic forms and contemporary functions. Inspired by one of the greatest race legends, the 1959 250 GT SWB, the vehicle has a lot to demonstrate. Let's have a look.

The new model pays homage to the aggressive purity of the supercars of the past and at the same time offers the convenience of the modern age. With a front-mounted Ferrari V12 power unit and instantly recognizable lines, GT is definitely a worthy family member.

2021 RML GT

In terms of the drivetrain system, GT adopts a 5474cc V12 unit that produces a total of 485hp and 419lb-ft of torque. The output is delivered to the rear wheels via a Ferrari six-speed manual gearbox and is controlled by a manual gearbox. The setup allows the vehicle to sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds, and chase a top speed of 185mph.

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In terms of interior, GT comes with a large and comfortable cabin with classic styling, and yet tons of next-gen utility gadgets.

2021 RML GT


  • Power 478bhp (485PS)
  • Torque 419lb-ft (568Nm)
  • Gearbox 6-speed, manual
  • Top speed 185mph+
  • 0-60mph 4.1 seconds (est.)
  • Length (with bumpers) 4264mm
  • Width 1954mm
  • Dry weight 1470kg

 Source: RML