The German tuning company SKN Tuning has made an astonishing makeover on a Volkswagen Golf V GTI. The car comes with the standard 2.0-TFSI-GTI with 200 PS (147 kW), and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h for just 7.2 seconds. After a powerful tuning stage 3 software, hardware modifications and motor sport exhaust system, the car now delivers ultimately 300 PS (226 kW) as well as 425 Nm (314 lb-ft) of torque. In addition, the exhaust system is now with reduced dynamic pressure installed by MILLTEK Sports and it is also equipped with 200-inch HJS-motorsport catalysts for powerful sound. Moreover, there are also featured CH-R rims in combination with special tyres from MARANGONI in 225/35ZR19 dimensions. The modification required the installation of diverse aerodynamics parts in a carbon look too. MOV'IT high-performance braking system on the other hand provides strong deceleration for above 250 km/h fast cars. WRAP Attack foliation professionals are responsible for unmistakable GTI outfit. And at last the GTI interior received also and update through various leather materials and colors.

2012 SKN Volkswagen Golf V GTI

In details the tuning features: improved acceleration and better response characteristic; stability and safety with technical inspection association and guarantee; vehicle retains current emissions class (ASU); greater torque and power; extensive dealer network; greater dynamics and driving pleasure; BBS CH-R Black 8.5 x 19 | ET 48 | 5 x 112; low-pressure casting for long-lasting performance; weight optimisation using FEM-analysis, made in Flow-Forming process specially developped for Formula 1; B14 PSS coilover suspension lowering VA = 20-30mm | HA = 10-30mm; Clarion - 2 DIN DVD Multimedia Station with integrated navigation (NX501E); 2x 4-canal High-End amplifier 4360 for 2x Stereo Front/Rear; 2x Subwoofer APA; 2x SRM3093HX  High-End Subwoofer; 2 pairs SRU1720S High End Kompo-System; WRAP attack Laminating and foliation of a car; JK Autosattlerei Complete modification, changing of the interior with various leather materials and colours; Marangoni Marangoni M-POWER 225 / 35 ZR 19.

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