New stuff from SR Auto. Well, actually it's the BMW M5, the E60 one. A project called the "Excalaber" - the strange misspelling trend continues – aims to provide a refreshing look on a generation of BMWs that is on the verge of being overshadowed by its current successor.

The idea here is that, SR Auto do not provide any parts of their own, but rather mash together what they can find and see if it works out as an art piece. That's why we have here a Hamann aero kit (front lip, side skirts, and rear lip). Top priority for it was to be a perfect fit. Four matte black exhaust ends give away a Dinan exhaust system that apparently helps with the performance.

The alteration that sticks out the most however, are the PUR 4OUR DEPTH wheels that are usually seen on Lamborghinis and Ferarris. In fact these 21-inch wheels have been originally made for Lamborghini with bolt patterns of 5×112. That's why the SR people started drilling until they got a size of 5×120. So there you go, PURs on an M5. Neat!

Overall, the job is not really that extensive. But SR Auto take it very personal when it comes to aftermarket changes. To them, observing a customization of a car is like watching a child growing up – endearing, rejoicing and contentful. Besides, too much flash makes the onlooker dash.

SR Auto BMW M5 (E60)

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Source: SR Auto