Subaru BRZ front viewSubaru BRZ and the stunt driver and former world record holder Alastair Moffatt set a new Guinness World Record for the ‘Tightest 360° spin'. The rear-wheel drive BRZ sportscar and the famous petrolhead made it into the record books at the Autosport International Show over the weekend, by executing the world's tightest ever 360 degree spin.

But Moffatt is not new to record-breaking. He has previous experience setting extreme Guinness World Records such as ‘Tightest Reverse Parallel Park' and ‘Tightest Parallel Park'. Now, with this achievement the stunt-driver ace smashed the previous 2.5-metre Guinness World Record, which was made in 2014.

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He managed to flick the BRZ into a 360° spin between two obstacles in Autosport International's Live Action Arena, traveling at a speed of 30mph down a narrow lane of cars. Then he spun his Subaru BRZ 360 degrees then accelerated to the end of the course. Everything has happened in one continuous motion.

Moffatt's BRZ car was 4.24-metre-long and the gap allowed for just 2.25m of clearance for him to complete the stunt. And this is how he broke the previous record of 2.5m. Of course, if it wasn't the Subaru BRZ, which is renowned for its low centre of gravity and naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre ‘Boxer' engine, he probably wouldn't make it.

The driver also said that in order to maximize the control over the car throughout the maneuver, the traction control was switched off and ABS disengaged. Alastair also spoke about that he was impressed by BRZ because of the combination it offers, namely: lightweight, rear wheel drive and highly controllable chassis. He admitted that the Subaru BRZ "was the perfect car in which to do it."

Now hear what he has to add about the Guinness World Record and Subaru BRZ in the video below.

Video Source: YouTube

Source: Subaru