The ECU remap for diesel engines is so popular, that probably there is no a single diesel car, which haven't been "chipped". Mercedes' models, which feature 231bhp 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY engine can be boosted by Superchips ltd.

The ECU map for the Mercedes' Bosch EDC17 ECU features removing some of the inherent performance constraints and fine tuning fuelling and turbo boost parameters. The result is additional 34 bhp and 80 Nm of torque. The overall power of 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY is 265bhp and massive 642Nm of torque. Superchips conversion is covered by a full Customer Service Guarantee and an industry-leading 12 month / 30 000 mile supplementary vehicle warranty.

All Mercedes models featuring 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY can be boosted - C / E / M / R and S-Class, which are produced from June 2009 onwards.

The price of the ECU remap from Superchips is £445 including installation and VAT.

2010 Superchips Mercedes C 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY