Tata has launch of the new Tata Nano CNG emax. The vehicle is powered by a fuel efficient engine with CNG and Petrol bi-fuel system options. The car is extremely fuel efficient and has CO2 emissions of 75.6 g/km and it is also one of the most fuel efficient cars in India having a combined fuel consumption of just 36 km/kg.

In fact, Nano CNG emax is the first of the five cars in the emax series of CNG cars. It is en eco-friendly vehicle which takes the Nano's efficiency prowess even further. For instance, its sequential gas injection system is thoroughly calibrated with an intelligent advanced Engine Management System (EMS). The latter allows smart switching between CNG and Gasoline fuel systems and to automatically shifts to gasoline mode.

Switching between the two driving models – petrol and CNG, is made effortless thanks to the push-button fuel type selector. Another important highlight here is that this Nano model can be started on CNG and not on petrol like other conventional CNG systems.

Some of the features and technologies included in the Nano CNG emax are the following: air conditioning, turning radius, passenger space and comfort, leak detection sensors and interlock sensor. The last two technologies automatically ensure that the engine is switched off during CNG gas filling.

There is no need to worry about the luggage space in the case if this Tata model, because car's CNG system is intelligently packaged and cylinders are smartly fitted under the front seats. In addition, the CNG technology delivers a touring range of more than 150 km (in CNG), next to the existing touring range of 375 km (in petrol),

Source: Tata