The TECHART GTStreet program has been recognised for years as a success formula with its sights firmly set on dynamics and incorporating racing engineering to create vehicles that stand for pure driving pleasure as well as full on-track capability. The latest example is the GTStreet R based on the 911 Turbo; it is now undergoing its world premiere. Its road performance statistic, 660hp and 860Nm, is highly impressive - developed by the TECHART engineers who are driven by the ambition of not submitting compromises. And just as uncompromising is the vehicle's suitability for everyday use, thanks to its day-driving light and integrated TECHART nose-lift system.

High-End Performance The impressive performance is primarily down to the TECHART TA 097/T3.1 performance kit, which raises the power of the standard model from 500 to 660 hp. At 4,500rpm, this means that a maximum torque of 860Nm can be transmitted to the permanent four-wheel drive system. TECHART's sport clutch and modifications to the transmission ratio of the standard 6-speed gearbox results in the GTStreet R's sprint performance of 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds. The permanent dynamic propulsion only reaches its limit at 345km/h.

The essential power driver of the vehicle design is the TECHART GTStreet R aerodynamic kit. The significantly lowered front apron with carbon splitter provides downthrust on the front axle and improved airflow to the brakes and intercooler. The adjustable rear spoiler with air inlets and rear apron with integrated carbon diffuser contribute to the high level of downthrust on the rear axle while ensuring an optimum drag coefficient. Handling in extreme conditions is significantly smoother as a result. The TECHART multifunctional day-driving light system, integrated in the front apron, has E approval and fulfils ECE R87 regulations. It is much more than just a sophisticated design feature – it also makes an all-round constant contribution to safety, both day and night. The LED system unit integrates the day-driving light, sidelights, parking lights and indicators in a single housing, and merges harmonically with the general design of the vehicle's front end. The output intensity of the light is automatically modified in line with the selected driving light circuit.

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Maximum grip and everyday suitability

The TECHART Formula 5-spoke light alloy wheels in dimensions of 19" and 20" transfer the enormous level of available power securely to the tarmac. For optimum road holding, TECHART recommends fitting either Conti Sport Contact 3 or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Plus tires. The TECHART VarioPlus threaded chassis design means that it is possible to adjust the chassis height by up to 25 millimetres, to suit the route conditions. The TECHART nose-lift system allows the driver to raise the vehicle by up to 60 millimetres at the front axle, at the touch of a button, to avoid unpleasant contact with kerb edges or steeply inclined upward road surfaces.

High end down to the last detail Passion and love of detail – the exclusive TECHART character is also reflected in the interior of the sports car. TECHART's complete leather furnishings, including the door and side panels, emanate a unique feel, in combination with the delicately fashioned and custom-coloured decorative stitching on the centre console and bucket seats, and in other places too. Individual decorative components made of carbon fibre, the aluminium pedals, and the illuminated entrance sills serve to further enhance the uniquely athletic appearance of the interior. All in all, TECHART offers a virtually unlimited degree of freedom when it comes to customising the interior – with passion down to the last detail.

Keeping 680 hp tamed for two weeks

TECHART is displaying the GTStreet R based on the Porsche 911 Turbo in black and phantom grey at the Geneva Motor Show. Although the vehicle is forced to remain stationary during the two-week show, the incredible power of the 660bhp athlete is quite evident. The GTR front spoiler is seamlessly incorporated in the shape of the bumper, conveying its pure sporting character the moment you first look at it. The black leather interior is further proof that TECHART knows a few things about convincing design. The car's uncompromising athleticism is immediately visible from the high-grip, hand-stitched TECHART 3-spoke sport steering wheel, the sport pedals and TECHART gear lever, and further enhanced by the delicate, red stitching.

Another element which is GTStreet R through and through are the TECHART leather sport seats, which not only ensure an uncommonly high level of comfort and excellent side support, but are also fashioned from high-class materials. Such as the hand-made seat covering made of fine and durable leather and the backrests finished in the vehicle colour with the GTstreet R logo.