May is specially dedicated of the Porsche Cayenne at TECHART. The tuning specialists presented the first individualization options for the new Cayenne and now they show-off entire individualization program for the Cayenne Diesel. The package achieved YOKOHAMA 4 x 4 Award at the Tuning World in Friedrichshafen.

TECHART Porsche Cayenne diesel is equipped with performance kit TA 055/D1 and develops 290 hp from its 3,0 l Turbo-Diesel engine, which originally has 240hp (176 kW).

The individualization for Cayenne is further underlined by the striking appearance of the exterior as well as the interior. The special TECHART Aerodynamic Kit I demonstrates power, speed and perfection.

Inside TECHART Porsche Cayenne diesel boasts handcrafted interior, manufactured by the tuning company. The SUV has full leather interior in black with decorative stitching in white as well as the TECHART 3-spokes sport steering wheel with paddle shifters.

AUTO BILD ALLRAD have been presenting a refined car every month for a year. TECHART reached on of the top places in the voting with over 40.000 readers of the magazine. The refining program for Cayenne Diesel took its place on the winners' podium.

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