Tesla-Model-S-mediumPositive proof: you can now get in a Tesla Model S and take it across the US without spending a dime for fuel. Thanks to Tesla's Supercharger network throughout the states, biochemist John Glenney and his daughter was able to make a cross-country road trip without much of a hustle. Objective: being the first to complete the cross country journey relying only on Superchargers

On the 21st of January – in spite of the severe polar vortex that had gripped the states at the time – he made a post on the Tesla Motors Model S forum about how he plans on embarking on the adventure before actually leaving New York and started heading west. Communal excitement ensued:

"Fun to watch history unfolding in real-time!" said one forum commenter, as the Glenneys started updating their progress.

The only two obstacles throughout the trip were a flat tire in New York and a slight case of what we'd like to call "mileage anxiety". Mr Glenney felt that the charge might not hold between the Newark, NJ and Somerset, PA charging points. (As of now there should be a new Supercharger in Hagerstown, MD effectively eliminating any future worries).

After 2,500 miles and 5 days of travelling, Mr. Glenny's is convinced that the Tesla is "better than any other touring car [he] has ever had"


Source: Tesla