Smaller, lighter, nicer and fresher from the ground up – this is the fourth generation Mazda MX5! Comparing it to the 1989 model, the new one is shorter than the original version and loses more than 100 kg of its body weight.

Becoming the essence of every Mazda model, 2015 Mazda MX5 undoubtedly redefines the idea of fun and pleasure when it comes to driving. To maximize the lightweight aggression which the car presents, the automaker equips it with a SKYACTIV – G direct-injection 1.5-litre petrol engine matched to a six-speed manual gearbox. It produces 131 PS (96kw) at 7,000rpm and 150 Nm of torque at 4,800rpm.

Exteriorly, Mazda MX5 conveys a certain harmony due to the blend of top-notch design and well-crafted proportions. With its nicely-sculptured front, the new MX5 knows how to make an impression. Since the engine is mounted lower in the chassis, the bonnet is lower too and this gives the driver a better view while on the move.

Interiorly, the car is arranged in such a manner that allows for ultimate concentration on the driving experience. For instance, the pedals, controls, gauges and the rest of the features are optimally positioned, enabling the driver to keep a straight posture and drive as comfortably as possible. Inside the car, one will definitely get the feel of a design that is balanced, plain and stylish, at the same time. It seems that everything in this open-top car is put on its right place and in the right shape.

It is good that Mazda MX5 has come to life because this small preciousness adds a renewed "sensation of the driver and car being in sync with each other as they communicate."

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