Toyota has presented the ultimate sports coupe - FT-1 Concept. It breaks cover at the Detroit Motor Show, today. The new FT-1 concept is the result of Toyota's Calty design studio, which aims to create the perfect sports car.

The exterior boasts a curvilinear form, pronounced front wings and sharply defined contrasts that express powerful performance. The FT-1's optimum aerodynamic qualities are communicated by its large air intakes, exhaust ports and retractable rear wing.

As all real sport cars, the FT-1 has front engine/rear-wheel drive configuration, which alloys the cockpit to be set further the rear of the car, within the wheelbase, helping improve weight distribution and create classic sports car proportions.

There are no pictures of the interior, but FT-1 will feature a delta-shaped display zone, a Formula 1-style steering wheel and a colour head-up display that projects key information just above the wheel. The designers have pushed the A-pillars as far back as possible, to increase visibility when cornering.

Stay tuned for more info!

Source: Toyota