For the 41st Tokyo motor show, Toyota will debut two striking concepts, one of them is the FT-EV II compact electric vehicle. Designed to meet the requirements of a true urban vehicle, the new FT-EV II's body is even more compact than that of the Toyota iQ, but still with room for four seats on board.

An innovative solution called "drive-by-wire" allows all vehicle functions to be controlled by a joystick, including the accelerator, brakes and steering. By removing the throttle and brake pedals Toyota engineers have cleared enough legroom for the four-seat design.

The exterior features a low front cowl and an additional window below the level of the windscreen to give extra forward visibility. To improve safety through the quality of all-round vision, the rear lamp clusters are see-through LED units. To ensure easy access in tight spots, there are electric sliding doors on both sides.

The FT-EV II concept's top speed is above 60mph and with full-charged battery you can cover a range of more than 50 miles, which is ample for most urban journeys. The ride is quiet and comfortable with smooth acceleration, thanks to Toyota-developed motor control technology, itself part of the hybrid system that sits at the heart of the company's environmental technologies.

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FT-EV II Concept Dimensions:

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