2016 Toyota MiraiThere was a time, nearly 15 years ago, when a small and unknown hybrid, named Prius was shown to the world, to celebrate Earth Day. Today, in 2015 year, the redesigned hybrid will be shown in Washington D.C. to demonstrate the next-gen technology and gadgets. Which is the hybrid you ask? The one and only Toyota Mirai.

 Toyota team colaborates with Earth Day Network to support and sponsor the Citizen 2015 Earth Day, that, as you know is between 17 and 19 August. The celebration will feature leading environment-involved organizations, government leaders and lots of different global organizations.  In addition, the festival is the start for the fuel cell features and festivals for Toyota.

The Mirai itself will greet the celebration with a special system, that mixes hydrogen and oxygen, that creates electricity, which powers the motor. The only consumable is water. How cool is that?

 And there are more good news. beyond Earth Day, Toyota has planned April to be sort of educational month. The brands team will show and explain how the fuel cell technology work and will reveal the sorcery behind the hydrogen-powered engine.

The incredible zero emission Toyota Mirai is a mid-sized four door sedan, that has behavior, similar to a combustion engine. It is capable of travelling about 300 miles with a full tank.

The Mirai will go on sale in California later this year.

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Source: Toyota