The sporty 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN was just introduced. The sad news however is that it will be strictly limited to 100 production units and will be only distributed in Japan. Mark X GRMN is an example of a design which is inspired by "pure joy" and "driving enthusiasm". It is built over the Mark X 350S used as a basis model. In fact, this is a "domestic" FR sedan, which adopts six-speed manual transmission and dedicated suspension tuning.

To go further into details, car's transmission is linked to a V6 3.5L engine which produces 321 hp (236 kW) and 380 Nm (280 lb-ft) of torque. The transmission sends power to the ground via a Torsen limited-slip differential.

Body stiffness' was improved due to the addition of the door stabilizer. At the same time, the car is lightweight. As you can see very well from one of the pictures below, the Japanese designers used carbon fiber roof panel and front and rear spoilers. This not only reduces weight, but also further improves running performance.

In addition, new spoiler was designed to support even more the aerodynamic performance. The side mirrors were painted in black so that they can contrast the white body and bring about sportier appearance. A dedicated GRMN emblem is placed on the front and rear of the car so that it can highlight its individuality.

Inside, the interior design is as athletic as the exterior. The gearshift lever has dedicated design. The same theme is featured in the sports seats and steering wheel. All in all, the cabin is decided in black and features some accents in piano black. They can be seen around the instrument panel.

At last, Mark X GRMN will also receive a 350S "G's" and 250G "S package. G's is characterized by an outer panel yellow color, which comes only for the "Yellow Label" model.

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Source: Toyota