Toyota TS030 Hybrid is the model with which the Japanese automaker will return to the Le Mans 24-hour race the forthcoming week. On the race track we will see not one but two of these competing hybrids.

Toyota aims with these hybrid vehicles to write a new page in the history of the legendary twice-around-the-clock enduro, with the help with their unique technologies. Both TS030 Hybrids display their new Toyota hybrid-blue livery.

Furthermore, both racecars are equipped with the 2012 THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System - Racing) powertrain. The latter is designed to deliver optimum performance and includes theall-new V8 3.4-litre normally-aspirated petrol engine and hybrid system with capacitor storage.

Toyota TS030 Hybrid

Of course, being a true Toyota's full hybrid road car, the TS030's energy is regenerated under braking and the vehicle can work in electric-only mode, thus achieving zero emissions and zero fuel consumption.

This means that it either delivers faster lap times through improving speed on the exit of corners, or one chooses to save fuel by using the internal combustion engine less on corner exit and allowing the hybrid system to compensate.

Few days more to go and we will eventually understand whether the goal of Toyota is achievable, and it is to show that the TS030 Hybrid is the fastest hybrid car on the grid.

Toyota TS030 Hybrid

Technical Specifications
Designation TS030 HYBRID
Type Le Mans Prototype (LMP1)
Bodywork Carbon fibre composite
Windscreen Polycarbonate
Gearbox Transversal with 6 gears sequential
Gearbox casing Aluminium
Driveshafts Constant velocity tripod plunge-joint driveshafts
Clutch Multidisc
Differential Viscous mechanical locking differential
Suspension Independent front and rear double wishbone, pushrod-system
Springs Torsion bars
Anti roll bars Front and rear
Steering Hydraulically assisted
Brakes Dual circuit hydraulic braking system, mono-block light-alloy brake callipers front and rear
Discs Ventilated front and rear in carbon
Rims Magnesium forged wheels
Front rims 14.5 x 18 inch
Rear rims 14.5 x 18 inch
Tyres Michelin radial
Front tyres 36/71-18
Rear tyres 37/71-18
Length 4650mm
Width 2000mm
Height 1030mm
Fuel capacity 73 litres
Powertrain Toyota Hybrid System - Racing (THS-R)
Engine 90° V8 normally aspirated engine
Fuel Petrol
Engine Capacity 3.4l
Valves 4
Air restrictors 1 x 43.3mm
Capacitor Nisshinbo
Front Hybrid Motor Aisin AW
Rear Hybrid Motor Denso

Source: Toyota