At the upcoming Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance occasion that will take place in Beverly Hills on June 20th, DiMora Motorcar is about to please the fans and the visitors with the presentation of the World's only Tucker Convertible ever built.

The astonishing convertible ride is originally engineered by the Tucker Car Corporation, but it was finished by Benchmark Classics of Middleton in the last few months. Back in 1949, when the Tucker Company folded, the car was still in experimental level and unfinished. Until that moment, the Chicago-based company was built 36 four-door Tucker sedans (also known as the Tucker Torpedo) and an additional 16 examples were completed over the next several years.

Benchmark Classics President Justin Cole shared: "I am thrilled to partner with Sir Alfred DiMora to present the Tucker Convertible alongside some of his beautiful custom motorcycles."