Heffner-Ultima-GTR-mediumYou May have heard about the Ultima GTR. If you haven't, all you need to know is that it comes from a small company (Ultima Sports) based in Leicestershire, England and can be ordered as a kit car. It is fiberglassy (light), has a tubular steel space frame chassis, an engine mount in the middle and rear-wheel drive. Best of all, you can slot in a variety of power plants in it and it will still run. Ergo, the Ultima GTR is the tuner's dream come true.

So, back in November, Heffner sported an Ultima GTR on their Facebook page. The caption claimed a power output of "over 1,000" wheel hp and a weight of just 2,500 pounds. Today we bring you a YouTubic testiment to that. Driving Force Club have laid their hands on it. Well, we are 90% sure that this is the same car, given the green Heffner rear wing winglets and callipers and the same ADV.1 wheels. This one has 850 hp though. Still, the custom twin turbo Ford GT engine it sounds ear-bleedingly good. And hey, it does really weigh as little as 2,500 (almost)

Technicalities aside, just watch these rear wheels struggle for grip on a car that weighs less than a Big Mac:

Source: Heffner Performance via Facebook

Video Source: DrivingForceClub via YouTube