Underground Racing has created the most powerful and fastest Lamborghini Gallardo ever. What is more, the sports car is street legal. The owner of this Gallardo - , Ray "Peak Completions" Hoffman had one simple condition for it, to be capable of going the normal streets and Underground Racing obviously done their job.

The power is more than 1750WHP (wheel-horse-power), which is something like 2300HP (engine horsepower). The car is equipped with specially developed components like RPS carbon clutch and a full billet race differential, along with a new "Quiet" Helix Billet 1st-6th gear set and final drive gears.

The result is 8.355 seconds at ¼ mile with terminal speed of 292 km/h (181.48 mph). In other words the car accelerates from 0-292 km/h in 8.355 seconds. Not bad?

Enjoy the video!

Source: REMROB via Youtube