2019 Volkswagen Concept Volkswagen team has collaborated with the Peterson Automotive Museum on a brand-new interactive exhibit that will showcase design and construction of the vehicles of the future. It is scheduled to open on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 and will feature numerous influential VW machines, all along with brand's new electric concept vehicles.

The exhibit will be consistent of five rooms that will reveal Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix or the MEB platform, the way that the vehicle was engineered and the variety of models that will be built in the near future. Furthermore, every single room will be geared with interactive technologies and utilities that will show how the model was assembled. By doing so, designers give a chance for audience to witness the variety of engaging ways to visualize the challenges that contemporary automobile manufacturers face and see their challenges as it comes to future plans. Also, the final room will give a glimpse of the new ID. Concept car and its technological features.

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Additionally, the four planned ID. Concept vehicles will be highlighted through both physical and virtual interactive experiences. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the assembly process and see how the car came to be. The audience will also have the opportunity to physically explore the final product – the vehicles will remain unlocked and accessible throughout the run of the exhibition.

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Source: Volkswagen