Volkswagen SciroccoThe monstrous Volkswagen Schirocco was especially built by HEED-Auto in Sofia, Bulgaria. Originally purchased for 200 euros (this is what I call money well spent), the vehicle was eventually turned to something extraordinary.

With an engine from Nissan RB30 block with Nissan RB26 head, the unit's capacity has also been increased to 3.2 liters. Running on pure ethanol, this thing produces the titanic 1,200hp (895kW) and 737lb-ft of torque, delivered to all wheels. The engine is further paired to a five-speed Liberty transmission with air shifter, Qaife front diff, Nissan Skyline transfer box and rear diff. Incredible, right?

Volkswagen Scirocco

So far, vehicle's best time has been 8.181 seconds at 281hp (176mph), a record set last year. Since then the engineering team has further increased the power and reduced some weight with fiberglass one-piece front. They have still not broken their current E/T record, but have set a new trap speed achievement of 287km/h (178mph). Considering road's surface and overall harsh conditions, this achievement is still being incredible.

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So, what do you think of such an achievement? It makes me proud, personally. Also, these people showed that everything is possible, if you are willing to chase your goals. So, what do you think about this monstrous machine? Write down in the comment section!

Volkswagen Scirocco


Source: www.engineswapdepot