The tuning company Wheelsandmore presents one of their latest creations – refined Bentley Continental Supersports with codename "Ultrasports 702" – as you may suggest the number is the horse power developed by the huge engine.

The base car produced about 630hp, which makes Bentley Continental Supersports already is the most powerful and fastest sportscoupe, which the company ever built. The upgrade for the engine include an ecu upgrade, combined with stainless steel exhaust system - special sportcatalysts and  remote controlled valve flap system. The result is rising the power up to 702 bhp and 881 N/m (650 lb-ft) of torque . The top speed of this monster is  336 km/h (209 mph).

The supersports coupe from Bentley already comes with the biggest engine and what is more one of the biggest carbon-ceramic brakes, measuring 16.54 inches, Wheelsandmore produced special wheels to fit the enormous calipers and disks.  The 3-piece lightweight wheel set is outfitted with "C-Sport" model sizing 10.5Jx21" fitted with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres front and rear

The car also gets "LowMaXX" suspension from Wheelsandmore, which has an electronic lowering module to lift up the car automatically around 0.79 inches at a speed of 44 mph to recover comfort and safety.