You are probably hearing about the Askaniadesign Carstyling Studio for the first time. The design studio is based in Ukraine and it is currently working on several projects including a supercar as well as this hot crossover. The SUV is inspired by the legendary "humpback" ZAZ 965 model. This remake is a modern take on the popular design. In fact, the ZAZ 965 can be compared to cars like the Volkswagen Beetle and Fiat 500 in terms of popularity.

The model was named after the characteristic shape of the body, "humpback", and it is more likely to be viewed only in the museums nowadays. Undoubtedly, ZAZ 965 is a legend, a modern remake of which could be very popular, especially among young people.

This is why the designers from Askaniadesign Carstyling Studio, which have also promised to make a concept car Ukrainian supercar in May 2015, are also considering a remake based on the ZAZ 965. Below you can view a gallery full of the first sketches of the car, which was modified in accordance with the new auto world trends.

As we can see, the vehicle has Juke-like-proportions and looks. It features a three-door body styling, huge wheels with discs of the original design and LED headlamps. The designers have definitely managed to meet all the canons of the development of remakes: they have saved the iconic ZAZ 956 design and at the same time gave it a modern form.

Source: Askaniadesign Carstyling via Facebook