2013 lada kalina debuts in moscow

2013 Lada Kalina Debuts in Moscow

Another debut for the brand Lada: it has presented in Moscow the new face of 2013 Lada Kalina. Again, as a main person in the modernization process of the vehicle, was Steve Mattin. He adjusted the style of the front of the Kalina, which is a second generation vehicle. In fact, the car provoked a great deal of interest among the visitors of the 2012 Moscow Motor Show. From the bran announced that they are going to officially launch the car on the market in the beginning of 2013. In additio

2013 lada x-ray concept world premiere in moscow

2013 Lada X-Ray Concept World Premiere in Moscow

2013 Lada X-Ray Concept has just made its first world appearance at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show. There AvtoVaz gave the audience first look into a crossover which might eventually go for production. The concept vehicle X-Ray conveys everything about the future design philosophy of the carmaker. In fact, this Lada was designed by Steve Mattin. Those of you who are familiar with Mattin know that he was involved with the design of many Volvo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition, designer lines are mixing the fro