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Exclusive iPhone pouch at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a major event on the fashion calendar: between July 17 and 20 top German and international labels and designers will be showing their latest creations in Berlin. Exceptional products from Mercedes-Benz will add a touch of glamour to the catwalk. The exclusive iPhone® pouch, featuring high-

Hyundai Develops New Fuel-Saving Kappa Engine

In an era of soaring gasoline prices, Hyundai Motor Co. is helping frugal-minded drivers meet the challenge of affordable transportation with its newly developed Kappa engine. "The world is thinking small like never before: Smaller fuel consumption, smaller CO2 footprint, smaller overall emissions. Today small is beautiful and Hyundai is ready to answer the call to small with our new Kappa inline four cylinder engine," said President and Chief Technology Officer Lee Hyun-Soon. The first car to have the Kappa

Volvo Cars aims for zero accidents

At the Volvo Car Corporation, the vision is to design cars that should not crash. In the shorter perspective the aim is that by 2020 no-one should be killed or injured in a Volvo. "We don't accept that people lose their lives in airplane accidents, so why should we regard car accidents as inevitable?" says Jan Ivarsson, head of Safety Strategy at the Volvo Car Corporation. The World Health Organisation estimates that some 1.2 million people are killed and more than 50 million are wounded i

Ford’s New Smart Intersection ‘Talks’ To Cars To Help Reduce Collisions

Ford Motor Company researchers today unveiled one of the first privately funded "smart intersections" in North America, a key step toward leveraging GPS technology and wireless infrastructure-to-vehicle communications to reduce traffic accidents and ease congestion. The smart intersection, established near Ford's Research & Innovation Center in Dearborn, communicates with specially equipped test vehicles to warn drivers of potentially dang

VW - Fascinating look at the future of the car

When will vehicles communicate with traffic lights? Will there be traffic jams in the future? Can driving emission-free vehicles be fun? Automobile fans of all ages can find informative and entertaining answers to these and many other questions at The Wolfsburg-based automaker presents its vision of the automotive world 20 years from now in this ground-breaking Webspecial. The lavishly designed website centers around a short interactive film which gives the viewer an informative and enter

Lotus Eco Elise - Trackday Warrior Turns Eco Warrior

Lotus unveils the Eco Elise technology demonstrator at the British Motor Show, capitalising on great strides forward in green technology. The Eco Elise project promotes a different perspective on “green”, one which does not revolve solely around tailpipe CO2. This holistic approach is in keeping with the progressive Lo

GKN Driveline Torque Vectoring World-First For New BMW X6

GKN Driveline's high performance Torque Vectoring technology has made its world debut on the new BMW X6 ‘sports activity coupe’. GKN's new technology is at the heart of BMW’s Dynamic Performance Control (DPC) system, which is being pioneered on the new, highly acclaimed, 4x4 vehicle. The company also supplies the lates

BRABUS ECO PowerXtra Tuning Mercedes-Benz

Better diesel fuel economy through professional tuning: A Mercedes ML 320 CDI equipped with BRABUS ECO PowerXtra D6 (III) consumed more than one liter less diesel fuel (+2 mpg) than the production car in a test conducted by ntv Motor in Germany. n-tv, Germany’s leading news channel, wanted to know for sure: Does BRABUS ECO PowerXtra diesel tuning really improve fuel economy despite producing more power? The editors of n-tv Motor, the weekly car magazine on n-tv, hired Klaus Niedzwiedz to conduct the test. Niedzw

3.0 TFSI: Hi-tech V6 with compressor supercharging

Powerful, spontaneous and ultra-efficient: this is the new top version in Audi's V6 engine range. The 3.0 TFSI develops 213 kW (290 hp) and a huge 420 Nm (309.78 lb-ft) of torque. It combines two state-of-the-art technologies in perfect style – gasoline direct injection and compressor supercharging. The hi-tech V6 will

Mopar releases uconnect web industry-first in-car Wireless Internet system

Mopar® announced today that it will launch uconnect web™, Chrysler LLC’s in-vehicle wireless Internet connectivity for Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge consumers in the U.S. uconnect web, powered by Autonet Mobile, delivers continuous Internet connectivity to all vehicle passengers for entertainment and real-time information access on the go. uconnect web will be available in August as a dealer-installed Mopar Accessory. Mopar is Chrysler LLC’s origi

Mercedes-Benz makes in-car iPhone® connection even easier

Whether it be a quick call to a business colleague for an important discussion, listening to favourite music tracks or checking home and office e-mails whilst on the move - the Apple iPhone® is a leading-edge business tool with multimedia capability, available in Germany and other markets. Now Mercedes-Benz allows t

Opel Cars Can See: Opel Eye camera reads signs, improves safety

Opel introduces a first: A camera that aids drivers in two different ways. The Traffic Sign Recognition function reads speed limit and no-passing signs and displays them on the instrument panel. The Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers when they unintentionally veer out of their lane. Together, these two systems improve driving safety, reduce stress and can even prevent costly speeding tickets. “These new features follow Opel’s philosophy of