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Arden A-Type AJ 18

The legendary A-Type goes into the final round. 10 years after the first A-type transformations, Arden reissues a last limited edition of the complete reconstruction. The Arden A-Type, based on the 1997-2005 XK models, celebrated its world premiere at the IAA 1999 in Frankfurt, already attracted much attention at that time. Only five more vehicles will be built to limit the series to 18 pieces. The vehicle developed in the wind tunnel with improved air resistance, which is made of special ca

LED-Daylights Set for the Arden AR6 Stronger

Lately, the demand for daytime running lights is getting higher. For better visual look, higher safety and in some cases a statutory, the usage of LED daytime running lights is a need now. For that reason Arden Automobilbau GmbH is showcasing its latest creation for the Range Rover Sport, a DRL set. For this luxury SUV we have developed a special LED-Daytime light which is now an inherent part in the Range Rover Sport AR6 Stronger conversion kit. The high luminosity of the LEDs ensures to be seen in all weather

A "flying B" now also from Arden

Since 1972 Arden is specialized in the refinement of British automobiles. We have made ourselves a worldwide name particularly as ennobler for Jaguar and Range Rover. Now we decided to dedicate ourselves to one of the most exclusive automobiles in the world. Arden extended its refinement program by the British traditional brand Bentley and starts the sale of the Arden Bentley radiator figure now. All hood and bonnet mascots developed by Arden engineering impress by its technically immaculate

Arden wins Auto Bild 4x4 Award

The readers made their choice, the 2009 Auto Bild 4x4 Tuning Award goes to the Arden Automobilbau GmbH. "It was possible for us to receive the award this year, because of our long lasting experience in upgrading Range Rover vehicles. This is a special pleasure since the award shows that we met the taste of the audience", says Jochen Arden, founder of the company giving his thanks to all readers. The Range Rover Sport was completely modified by Arden to prevail against other tuning companies.

Arden Supercharger Kit for Range Rover V8 SC Engines

Arden developed a supercharger kit for Range Rover V8 supercharged engines, easy to be installed in every qualified workshop. The extensive development and testing resulted in a high-end supercharger with a gain approx of 80hp (59kW) and 100Nm torque.  Aside of the improved throttle response there is great power throu

Jaguar XF Front-conversion-set: Safety and style from Arden

In many countries of the world, the usage of daytime running lights is statutory. That is the reason why Arden Automobilbau GmbH presents its latest development for the Jaguar XF, an LED daytime running light set. This can be fitted easily in the original front of the XF. The high luminosity of the LEDs ensures to b

Arden Jaguar XF AJ21 Fast Cat

The latest creation of Arden is the Arden AJ 21, which was developed on Jaguar XF basis. This wildcat will thrill you, with a stronger engine, extensive aerodynamic modifications and elegant interior. It will offer a genuinely Jaguar pleasure with an individual Arden mark. The new AJ 21 will receive a complete new front apron with typical Arden style, which will not only impress with a big radiator grill in handmade stainless steel mesh, but also with its large air vents for perfect cooling

supercharged arden xkr aj20 coupe with 480 bhp

Supercharged Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe with 480 bhp

Arden has dedicated itself for over 30 years to the tuning of British cars and is one of the leading addresses for customers looking to emphasise the typical features and customise their Jaguars and Range Rovers. Arden offers an extensive range of modifications for the XKR model from Jaguar. As the Arden XKR AJ 20 Coupe, this big cat stands out with a displacement-increased engine and offers pure, unadulterated Jaguar enjoyment plus that distinguishing Arden touch. Compressor power Arden rebuilds the 4.2 l V8

Arden Range Rover Sport Pegasus

Elegance, subtle sportiness and understatement have always been the distinguishing features of English cars. For over 30 years now, tuning specialists Arden from Krefeld, Germany, can't resist the appeal of these vehicles. This is the place where many customers have run to for years now with preferences on either standard features or for individualized customisation on their Jaguar or Range Rover. The most spectacular modification for the Range Rover Sport is immediately available: wing doors!