Since 1972 Arden is specialized in the refinement of British automobiles. We have made ourselves a worldwide name particularly as ennobler for Jaguar and Range Rover. Now we decided to dedicate ourselves to one of the most exclusive automobiles in the world. Arden extended its refinement program by the British traditional brand Bentley and starts the sale of the Arden Bentley radiator figure now.

All hood and bonnet mascots developed by Arden engineering impress by its technically immaculate processing and the love for detail. Our brand referred bonnet mascots are manufactured exclusively in manual work from brass and plated in chromium which is being high polished afterwards.

Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 1 of 6
Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 2 of 6
Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 3 of 6
Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 4 of 6
Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 5 of 6
Arden Bentley Continental GTC, 6 of 6

Already since the 80's the Arden bonnet mascots fulfill the strict safety conditions of the German TÜV by the patented safety attachment. During a collision the figure gives way and separates from the base in the case of a too strong impact in order to minimize the danger of injury, without being damaged itself. The patented quick-locking mechanism offers in addition to that an ideal theft protection, because bonnet mascot can be dismounted and mounted easily by the owner at any time.

Now also the Bentley driver can have his own Arden Bentley bonnet mascot.

Arden Bentley bonnet mascots are available for all usual models, starting at € 980, - plus 30 minutes mounting and tax.