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range rover sport by mansory

Range Rover Sport by Mansory

The tuning company revealed both the body and interior packages for Range Rover Sport. An ECU remap for boosting the engine is also available. The exterior package features components made of high quality PU-RIM plastic and carbon fiber.  Mansory Range Rover Sport includes a new front spoiler with vertically arranged LEDs and huge air intakes, a new bonnet with large power dome using the carbon prepreg method.  The wide wings and side skirts are also available and add 60 mm width in the fro

BMW X5 E70 refined by MANSORY

BMW X5 E70 is a gorgeous vehicle. It features everything that you need – nice exterior, comfort and sporty nature, especially, when you order the ///M model. However, it still needs some upgrades, which are offered by Mansory. The tuning package includes widened fenders and side skirts - 70 mm at the front and 80 mm at the rear. A new front spoiler with cooling inlets and a carbon-fiber bonnet. To finish the package, Mansory adds roof spoiler, carbon fiber diffuser  and a quad stainless-st

Maserati GranTurismo refined by Mansory

Maserati GranTurismo is one of the most exclusive cars on the market. It features unique design and mighty V8 with either 405PS or 440PS for the S version. The car has its own unique charm. Mansory offers tuning package for GranTurismo to make it even better. It includes styling and performance upgrades. The exterior boasts a redesigned front bumper fascia with lower lip spoiler, radiator grille surround trim, hood with front air scoop, side skirts, lip spoiler, rear bumper apron inserts f

mansory reveals second panamera conversion

Mansory reveals second Panamera conversion

After the last year’s presentation of the stunning Mansory Porsche Panamera conversion, the Swiss aftermarket specialist is now presenting a new program for the successful  Porsche four-door, four-seat luxury saloon. Developed especially for the top-performance Panamera Turbo model, the new tuning pack excels at monstrous power figures - 690 horsepower and peak torque of 800 Nm - and remarkably exotic body design. At the front end, the Mansory Panamera Turbo spotlights a newly-designed front skirt with built-

Mansory Ghost - the most eccentric Rolls-Royce ever

Undoubtedly, one of the most eccentric vehicles at this year’s Geneva Autosalon is the Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost. The ultra-spiced up noble ride boasts a unique character provided by its flashy Gold and Blue shade, refined exterior styling and luxury oasis-like interior. Outside, the recently released Ghost is equ

mansory goes 100% carbon with the astonishing g-couture

Mansory goes 100% carbon with the astonishing G-Couture

Mansory, the renowned high-end vehicles specialist is introducing a very limited edition masterpiece dubbed Mansory G-Couture. Showcased for first time at Geneva Motor Show, the newly styled off-roader belongs to its own, new vehicle class. The stunning luxury eye-catcher is based on the high-performance Mercedes-Benz

porsche panamera by mansory

Porsche Panamera by Mansory

Mansory Switzerland is joining the yet short list of tuning companies, which have refined the Porsche's ultimate - Panamera Gran Turismo. The mission of the engineers is to make Panamera even more exclusive inside, outside and under the bonnet. Originally, the company owner Kourosh Mansory prefers to upgrade British luxury cars, but there are some other automobiles, which have been tuned by him - Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Porsche Cayenne. This is the second Porsch

MANSORY Vitesse Rose

MANSORY just doubled their world-premieres for the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show. Back to Back with the new generation Chopster, MANSORY will unveil an exclusive limited edition of the Bentley Continental GT Speed named - Vitesse Rose. The MANSORY’s name Vitesse Rose stands for velocity and the dominating Rose colour of the luxurious coupe. The manufacture of the extravagant Continental GT Speed is limited to only three cars. As we know MANSORY is a synonym of premium quality products and the V

mansory chopster limited edition at the frankfurt motor show

MANSORY Chopster Limited Edition at the Frankfurt Motor show

The latest generation of the ultimate MANSORY Chopster is about to hit the Frankfurt’s stage. Based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, the new Chopster is even more noble, exclusive and full with innovations. With its masterly shaped bodywork, precisely adjusted aerodynamics components, 710 hp turbo engine and the unprecedented abundance of interior refinements, MANSORY Chopster is the embodiment of true state-of-the-art automobile. As we ca

bentley continental gt speed – mansory refines the english luxury car

Bentley Continental GT Speed – MANSORY refines the English luxury car

For already more than 20 years, the Bavarian company Mansory is the first choice when tuning top class automobiles. Due to its creative inspiration, Mansory enhances these cars with modern features. Mainly, optical changes underline the sportive character of the car. The refining specialist also pursues this approach with its newly developed programme for the Bentley Continental GT Speed which celebrates its premiere at the Geneva Auto Salon 2009

955 Cayenne by MANSORY

Impressive Design Pack in PU-RIM Perfect surface quality and custom-fit manufacture are the hallmarks of the liftreducing Mansory auto body design for the current Cayenne models. With the striking design, the SUV turns into the centre of attention on the streets and off-road. A far more dynamic front apron with larger air inlets is the outstanding element at the front. An ultra-light bonnet additionally strengthened with carbon supplies the front engine with extra fresh air via ventilation d

Porsche 911 by MANSORY Switzerland

The company Mansory is situated in Bavaria and one of the top addresses for refining premium sports cars. Whether Bentley, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Ferrari or Porsche – the refining specialist shows its technical talent for every automobile. The subsidiary company Mansory Switzerland AG, the in-house expert for Porsche cars, presents a comprehensive tuning programme for the model 911 from the recently revived Porsche Type 997 series at the Geneva Auto Salon 2009. This tuning programme mainly focu