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vÄth improves the performance characteristics of mercedes-benz c450 amg 4matic

VÄTH has unveiled its latest project based on the Mercedes-AMG C450 4MATIC (W205). The tuning company has developed a special kit called V45, which boosts the power of the model. The result is impressive and it doesn’t’ include only output optimization, but it does also feature some important upgrades that aid the performance of the car. Here are the details. First and foremost, the kit features individual precision-adjustment of the engi

the stronger the better: meet vaeth mercedes-benz c63 amg

This is VAETH Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. It has more power, better performance, enhanced looks. In other words it is absolutely adorable. With a stock horses up to 511 hp (376 kW), this car was lucky enough to get blessed by the V63S tuning kit that has it all. By all I mean the engine electronics, top speed unlocking and

vÄth creates more powerful mercedes-benz gla 45 amg

VÄTH has chosen the Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG for their new project. The experts have basically uprated the engine of the Mercedes and given it some new tweaks regarding aerodynamics and exterior. And everything has been done for the sake of faster speed, more qualitative ride and better driving dynamics. Here are the

vÄth has a power package for open-top mercedes-benz e500

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet has just received a special treatment by the specialists at VÄTH. The so called power package has been specifically created for the open-top German vehicle. The black E500 Cabrio also got interesting exterior modifications as well as some goodies for its interior. Is This Really a Power P

more powerful mercedes s500 but more efficient, is it possible?

The well-known brand, seated above the Hoesbach city limits and near Aschaffenburg, VAETH automobile engine techniques company has taken another challenge, this time with a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, that is indeed an E 500 model. The VAETH team will upgrade the V8 engine, with a special tuning kit, named V50RS. The kit comes with individual engine electronics and fine tune tweaks, VAETH intercooler and VAETH axle back exhaust system. You wonder what

why this mercedes-benz gla 200 needs your attention?

When German automotive power is combined with knowledge, precision and creativity, we have as a result a car like this VAETH Mercedes-Benz GLA 200. The specialists at VAETH are not only renowned for their great chassis modifications, but are also famous with their great engine techniques. The question here is what they

vath mercedes-benz c-class v18 has nearly 200hp to share

VATH is a German tuning company which specializes in Mercedes-Benz transformations, if you wonder about it. Their latest modification involves a C-Class and a V18 tuning kit, which as you can expect endows the car with more power. And if your interest has grown you should definitely read further. This kit has been a

mercedes-benz e 63 amg 4matic s improved by vaeth

VAETH is considered to be one of the best Mercedes-Benz specialists which really knows how and what to give to Mercedes models. The tuner demonstrates sufficient skills and craftsmanship when it comes to car ennobling, power enhancement, exhaust systems, chassis, light alloy rims, carbon aerodynamics, interior and many more. Now VAETH is redirecting its specialists gaze towards Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG 4Matic S giving it finishing touches that enhance the model’s performance. The basic engine of the vehi