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rolls-royce phantom: a new expression

Rolls-Royce Phantom: A new expression

“Phantom occupies an unrivalled position at the very apex of the luxury world. As our pinnacle product, it represents the very best of Rolls-Royce design, engineering and craftsmanship – a perfect blend of vision, creativity, the finest materials, skill, patience and precision. With Phantom Series II, we have retained and carefully protected everything our clients love about this superlative and luxurious item; subtle, yet meaningful enhancements reflect their evolving tastes and requirement

vilner team revives a special rolls-royce. check it out!

Vilner team revives a special Rolls-Royce. Check it out!

We do know that Rolls-Royce machines are still the only symbol of luxury and refinement. However, the arch enemy of all that is beautiful and enduring manages to harm even the pinnacle of motorsport industry. Yes, we are talking about time. Time has managed to prove that Rolls-Royce is the king, but has also proven that even kings tend to get rusty and fragile at time to time. And this is why Vilner’s latest project circulates around a 10-year-old Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Tryin

rolls royce team tells us more about the future of luxury!

Rolls Royce Team Tells Us More About the Future Of Luxury!

Rolls-Royce’s most interesting project so far, the VISION NEXT 100, also known as 130EX, made its North American debut at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. This is brand’s first true “Vision Vehicle” and definitely showcases the future of luxurious automobiles. It represents bold and aesthetic design, blended with some next-gen technologies. As you might already know, the 03EX is one of the four grand projects that are announced by BMW Group. This year is also special for one mor

stunning phantom drophead coupe is beverly hills-inspired masterpiece 

Stunning Phantom Drophead Coupe is Beverly Hills-inspired masterpiece 

Rolls-Royce has shown it at PebbleBeach Did you remember the one-colored Dawn by Rolls-Royce, which was revealed last week? If yes, then you are probably a fan of the luxury brand, and you’ll be keen on another interesting project. This one-off Bespoke Phantom Drophead Coupé Beverly Hills Edition (kind of long name, I know) has been previewed this weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. As you can see it features as vivid as the sun color paint scheme inside and out. The uniqu

vitesse and audessus offer some neat improvements for rolls-royce vehicles

Vitesse and Audessus offer some neat improvements for Rolls-Royce vehicles

One of the most popular premium design house, Bengala Automotive and the US-based Vitesse AuDessus have launched a special carbon-fiber program for contemporary Rolls-Royce vehicles. Sweet. What is so special about this project is that there will be only few lucky units from the Phantom, Wraith, Dawn and Ghost lineups that will benefit from the lightweight body procedures. In fact, the vehicles will be geared with special carbon matrix, similar to the Forged Carbon Fiber, created by Lamborghi

rolls-royce celebrates the drophead coupé and phantom coupé with zenith collection as they leave the stage

Rolls-Royce celebrates the Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé with Zenith Collection as they leave the stage

Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith Collection celebrates two of the end of the production of most exclusive and celebrated luxury vehicles: the Phantom Drophead Coupé and the Phantom Coupé. The bespoke collection has been conceived with the aim to create the best examples ever of those two models, thus making them collectors’ pieces. Only 50 units will be produced and of course, they have already been commissioned. The Bespoke design team at Rolls-Royce has considered every possible detail to create

rolls-royce stops production of phantom lineup. is this the end or is it the beginning of a legend?

Rolls-Royce Stops Production of Phantom Lineup. Is this the End or is it the Beginning of a Legend?

Bad news for all Rolls-Royce fans out there. Car Chief Executive Officer, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, has announced that the Phantom lineup enters its last year of existence. Along with that, he also said that Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe models won't be granted with future upgrades, nor there will be any new models. As you may know, the seventh generation of Phantom started production 13 years ago and eventually became one of the most popular Rolls-Royce vehicles ever since. But as every good

jade pearl rolls-royce phantom is one-off and truly original

Jade Pearl Rolls-Royce Phantom is One-Off and Truly Original

The current Rolls-Royce Phantom you see is a Bespoke creation and it is literally one-off. The ultra-luxurious car has been specifically created for its owner, Mr. Michael Fux. The company revealed little details about the vehicle, and just posted several pictures of the ultimate Phantom. From what we can tell, this Rolls-Royce features unusual combination of colors, especially when it comes to the interior. But if the name Michael Fux seems familiar to you, we should remind you that this luc

this rolls-royce phantom is inspired by sunrise

This Rolls-Royce Phantom is Inspired by Sunrise

Rolls-Royce has published at their official Facebook page unique Phantom, which has a paint finish inspired by sunrise. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t witnessed a sunrise recently, you might think that this is another Barbie car. However, it just happened that I have experienced one of the most inspiring pink-imbued sunrises ever. Basically you have to imagine how versatile the sun could make the sky and then you will get the idea behind this unique paint finish. By the way, the car is b

rolls-royce summer studio awaits its customers!

Rolls-Royce Summer Studio Awaits its Customers!

Rolls-Royce Summer Studio at Porto Cervo, Sardinia, on the island's stunning Costa Smeralda has finally started work after a grand-opening party, that officially signaled the official start. The Studio, that first appeared in 2014 has made its name as one of the most interesting and social hot-spot places for the inhabitants. Definitely this is the perfect place for one to relax after a hard day. The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio has been especially designed to present customers with luxurious am

rolls-royce puts phantom in the limelight

Rolls-Royce Puts Phantom In The Limelight

Rolls-Royce has released the latest Bespoke Phantom Collection called “Limelight”. The name is inspired by the “limelight effect” which was discovered in the 1820s by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney and is now associated not only with the invention but also with fame. This effect has changed illumination in the theatres around the world, because it has been used to highlight leading actors on the stage. And this where the phrase “in the limelight” comes from. To go into details, the car has been equip

rolls royce phantom al-adiyat is inspired by equestrian power

Rolls Royce Phantom Al-Adiyat is Inspired by Equestrian Power

If you think that Rolls-Royce is that old-fashioned automaker that changes nothing, well you’d be wrong. At least in term of the way it is communicating its news. For a long time now the company is using its official facbook page to announce special edition models like the one we are going to review. What we have at hand is a beautiful Phantom Coupe, styled in “Al-Adiyat” theme. In Arabic “Al-Adiyat” stands for the noise which a powerful horse makes when its hooves hit stone. What happens nex