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Volvo Cars' whiplash system WHIPS celebrates 10 years

Whiplash injuries are among the most common of all traffic injuries. Volvo Cars was one of the earliest manufacturers to introduce proper protection aimed at reducing the risk of whiplash. Volvo's highly effective system, WHIPS, which halves the risk of long-term after-effects, is now celebrating ten years in operation. "The Volvo S80 was the first car with WHIPS," says Lotta Jakobsson, safety expert and one of the people behind the development of WHIPS at Volvo Cars. That was back in 1998 an

Volvo Cars receives highest rating for its unique whiplash protection

EuroNCAP has instituted a new assessment protocol for evaluating the degree of whiplash protection offered by passenger cars in rear-end collisions. The Volvo XC60 was one of the few models to receive the highest rating. For the first time, EuroNCAP is now conducting tests in order to rate the whiplash protection offered by cars. Twenty-five cars were tested in the initial round. The XC60, with Volvo's unique Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS), was one of five cars to receive the highest rating.

All textiles in all Volvo models Oeko-Tex certified to be allergy-friendly

Volvo Cars is the only manufacturer in the car industry with a complete model range featuring textiles that are so clean that they are certified according to the Oeko-Tex standard. The textile standard was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s by textile research institutes as a response to the needs of consumers and the general public for textiles which posed no risk to health. The mid-nineties. A long day's test-drive of the Volvo S40 and V40 in snowy conditions is at an end. Paul Wel

Volvo celebrates eighty years in Finland

Volvo Cars' Finnish subsidiary is celebrating its eightieth birthday. The company named OY Volvo Auto AB was first registered on 10 July 1928. And now, in this anniversary year, the Volvo brand has moved up into third place in the new-car registration rankings with a market share of seven per cent in Finland. OY Volvo Auto AB was Volvo's first foreign subsidiary, established only a little over a year after the first production Volvos were built in April 1927. Sales of Volvo buses and trucks w

Prices announced as New Volvo XC60 goes on tour

New Volvo XC60 goes on tour across the UK this summer Volvo Car UK announces preliminary prices1 for the new XC60, the safest and most stunning Volvo ever.  This new crossover vehicle combines XC capability with sports coupe styling and will start at £24,750 for the 2.4D S. The Volvo XC60 will arrive in dealer showrooms and be available for customer test drives this October, with first customer deliveries arriving in November.  For those wanting an early preview, the car will be on displ

Volvo XC60

The new Volvo XC60 is stepping boldly into what is currently the automotive world's fastest-growing segment - dressed in a thrilling blend of muscular XC capability and the sporty charisma of a coupe. "This is not only the safest Volvo ever. If you ask me, it's also the most stunning. Not a bad combination, is it?" says Volvo Cars President and CEO Fredrik Arp. The new XC60 has its premiere showing at the international car show in Geneva in March, with the first cars reaching dealers in Europ