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Lotus News

2016 elise 250 special edition: lotus' pearl is here!

In celebration of 50th anniversary of Lotus' Hethel side, the engineering team reveals a special collectable vehicle: the Elise 250 Special Edition. Based on the Elise Cup 250 model, the new one comes as a refined and more premium edition with tons of new features and tweaks. Capable of going from 0 to 100km/h (60mp

lotus evora receives a neat upgrade: carbon and style will dominate the vehicle!

Lotus, one more time achieving more with doing less, presents some new upgrade tweaks for the Evora 400: there is a new Carbon pack, Lithium-Ion battery and some titanium components. Sweet! So, without further due, let's check the bag of tricks! Already available in markets worldwide, the first goodie, the Carbon Pack comes with numerous components and contributes to even greater savings for the overall weight. Being one of the brands that can

limited, distinctive and exclusive: lotus evora blue and orange is here!

Lotus fans have helped the brand to develop new and exclusive color scheme that will soon be released in limited run with an Evora model. Challenging enthusiasts had show their preference from selected and carefully curated designs that were also available to browse from on brand's official social media channels. Car fans across the world have helped the Lotus Exclusive service by choosing one of the most famous racing colour schemes for a

silverstone auctions is looking for the owner of a restored 1958 lotus elise

The first production Lotus Elite, first bought by jazz legend Chris Barber and later restored for Channle 4's For the Love of Cars will be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions at the Silverstone Classic Sale on 30th of July. So, what does this sweetie feature except that it its among the first in the lineup? This 1958 Lotus Elise Series I, chassis 1009 was first displayed at the 1958 Earls Court Motor Show and some months later, in December the s

lotus commemorates 50 years since hethel opening with evora 400 hethel edition

To mark the 50 years since the foundation of the famous factory in Hethel, Lotus is releasing a limited Hethel Edition model based on the Evora 400. The car will be offered within three exclusive exterior colors and three trim options, respectively. Precisely, the colors to choose from are Essex Blue, Motorsport Black, and Racing Green. When it comes to the interior, one can opt for either black or red leather or Alcantara interior trim, which is

it Аppears Тhat lotus-3 eleven is Мore capable Тhan Еxpected

Lotus 3-Eleven, the fastest series production vehicle to come from Hethe Headquarters, has set a new record: the vehicle marked the fastest lap time ever recorded at the well-known Hockernheimring short Circuit with the stunning 1 minute and 06.2 seconds. Driven by Christian Gebhardt, a highly-skilled driver and Road Test Editior for "sport auto" magazine, the 3-Eleven behaved confidently and brave in the harsh weather conditions: the temperature

evora 410: what makes it better than the predecessor?

Recently after the showcase of Elise Cup 250, Exige Sport 350 and Evora 400, Lotus takes one more step forward with the showcase of the high-performance Evora Sport 410. With tons of improvements, tweaks and fine-tunes the latest Lotus family member offers a 410hp (301kW) power unit with track-bred 3-Eleven that clocks

is the new lotus elise cup 250 that good? let's find out!

Lotus keeps proving that less means more and now it has done it one more time with the performance-oriented Elise Cup model. Coming with enhanced drivetrain system, this sweetie is lighter with 21kg and more powerful with a total of 26hp, compared to its predecessor. So, what else is special about Cup edition? Let's fi

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