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lotus and centrica will reshape the automobile world. here's how!

Lotus and Centrica will reshape the automobile world. Here's how!

Centrica plc, the parent company of British Gas, and the Lotus team are working together to develop a new model of electric vehicle ownership which will fully integrate the future mobility capabilities and the green energy benefits. The teams will try to make the vehicle an extension to the home – the car will be capable of storing electricity, minimizing emissions, and generating new income by providing services to the energy market. Furthe

lotus reveals details of new evija via a digital configurator - check it out!

Lotus reveals details of new Evija via a digital configurator - check it out!

As the Evija moves closer to massive production, Lotus team has revealed how buyers of the all-electric hypercar can specify their own vehicle. The exclusive vehicle features tons of customizable options and offers the chance to become a completely unique automobile, thanks to Lotus’ personalization program. The 2,000hp two-seater can be specified with exclusive exterior components and finishes, neat interior touches and changes, all along w

lotus reveals new evora gt410 and upgrade packs for other models

Lotus reveals new Evora GT410 and upgrade packs for other models

Lotus has launched a revised version of the Evora – the GT410. It will be the second model in the lineup and will sell alongside its sibling, the GT410 Sport, which also benefits from some neat upgrades. So, let’s check out Lotus team’s latest improvements and changes! Evora GT410 is designed to be a sort of “everyday car”. Whatever that means, the vehicle is geared with neat Sparco sports seats and air-con in order to create a more

lotus evija makes its debut with a launch of 130 units

Lotus Evija makes its debut with a launch of 130 units

All-new Lotus Evija hypercar will make its North American debut this month at the Monterey Car Week stage. This is the world’s first British all-electric machine in the segment features dramatic exterior design and sets a new standard for performance rates. Evija adopts innovative thinking and ingenuity, which has

carbon motors showcases a lotus with enhanced interior. check it out!

Carbon Motors showcases a Lotus with enhanced interior. Check it out!

Our fellow friends from Carbon Motors present us a rather special tuning project: Lotus Elise Series II with magnificent tweaks and additions. Definitely sexy and bold, this revised machine deserves our attention. And yours too. Believe us! First of all, we must say that this project aims to enhance the original looks of the vehicle without the intention to change it. Something more, the engineering team has upgraded mainly the interior of the

here we go again: lotus presents

Here we go again: Lotus presents "The Best Elise So Far!" Check it out!

And here we are starting all over again: we are presenting the so-called “best Elise so-far”. Now, where have we heard that before? Ah, yes, with the revealing of the last 3-4 Lotus vehicles. However, this latest machine has a lot to demonstrate, and being completely honest here, it is impressive. The thing is that we have had enough of dealing with “the best so-far” slogan every single time. So, what do we have here? A sweetie called

lotus makes further step forward: the brand has named it exige sport 380

Lotus makes further step forward: the brand has named it Exige Sport 380

Lotus team has just announced its latest project: Exige Race 380. Like the Exige lineup wasn’t race-oriented at all. However, this track-only machine will try to help Lotus team remain a leader in the hi-end sport segment and hopefully aid the brand to reach new heights of engineering precision and outstanding results. This new guy, most obviously, is based on the Exige Sport 380 model and will feature some sweet race-oriented engineering so

elise 380: lotus's most agile sports car has a lot to demonstrate. check it out!

Elise 380: Lotus's most agile sports car has a lot to demonstrate. Check it out!

High in power, menacing in style, the new Lotus Exige 380 is by far the most aggressive in the Exige lineup. Many people would say that this is the same drivetrain system in different package. Nope. This is not the case with the latest Lotus family member. What is special about this one is that it relies more on drivetrain system improvements, rather than electronics and utility gadgets. This means that it delivers a total 352hp per tonne powe

lotus has revealed the latest limited edition: the exige 350! check it out!

Lotus Has Revealed The Latest Limited Edition: The Exige 350! Check it out!

And here it is. The last of the three Lotus 50th Celebration Editions. The Exige 350 Special Edition is sexy, agile and confident enough to be one of the leaders in the anniversary celebrations. Based on the most powerful Exige so far, the Sport 350, the Special Edition features numerous performance improvements and hi-tech additions. So, let’s see what is so special about this one, shall we? Let’s start with the drivetrain system.

2016 elise 250 special edition: lotus' pearl is here!

2016 Elise 250 Special Edition: Lotus' pearl is here!

In celebration of 50th anniversary of Lotus' Hethel side, the engineering team reveals a special collectable vehicle: the Elise 250 Special Edition. Based on the Elise Cup 250 model, the new one comes as a refined and more premium edition with tons of new features and tweaks. Capable of going from 0 to 100km/h (60mp

lotus evora receives a neat upgrade: carbon and style will dominate the vehicle!

Lotus Evora receives a neat upgrade: carbon and style will dominate the vehicle!

Lotus, one more time achieving more with doing less, presents some new upgrade tweaks for the Evora 400: there is a new Carbon pack, Lithium-Ion battery and some titanium components. Sweet! So, without further due, let's check the bag of tricks! Already available in markets worldwide, the first goodie, the Carbon Pack comes with numerous components and contributes to even greater savings for the overall weight. Being one of the brands that can

limited, distinctive and exclusive: lotus evora blue and orange is here!

Limited, distinctive and exclusive: Lotus Evora Blue and Orange is here!

Lotus fans have helped the brand to develop new and exclusive color scheme that will soon be released in limited run with an Evora model. Challenging enthusiasts had show their preference from selected and carefully curated designs that were also available to browse from on brand's official social media channels. Car fans across the world have helped the Lotus Exclusive service by choosing one of the most famous racing colour schemes for a