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silverstone auctions is looking for the owner of a restored 1958 lotus elise

Silverstone Auctions is looking for the owner of a restored 1958 Lotus Elise

The first production Lotus Elite, first bought by jazz legend Chris Barber and later restored for Channle 4's For the Love of Cars will be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions at the Silverstone Classic Sale on 30th of July. So, what does this sweetie feature except that it its among the first in the lineup? This 1958 Lotus Elise Series I, chassis 1009 was first displayed at the 1958 Earls Court Motor Show and some months later, in December the s

lotus commemorates 50 years since hethel opening with evora 400 hethel edition

Lotus commemorates 50 years since Hethel opening with Evora 400 Hethel Edition

To mark the 50 years since the foundation of the famous factory in Hethel, Lotus is releasing a limited Hethel Edition model based on the Evora 400. The car will be offered within three exclusive exterior colors and three trim options, respectively. Precisely, the colors to choose from are Essex Blue, Motorsport Black, and Racing Green. When it comes to the interior, one can opt for either black or red leather or Alcantara interior trim, which is

it Аppears Тhat lotus-3 eleven is Мore capable Тhan Еxpected

It Аppears Тhat Lotus-3 Eleven is Мore Capable Тhan Еxpected

Lotus 3-Eleven, the fastest series production vehicle to come from Hethe Headquarters, has set a new record: the vehicle marked the fastest lap time ever recorded at the well-known Hockernheimring short Circuit with the stunning 1 minute and 06.2 seconds. Driven by Christian Gebhardt, a highly-skilled driver and Road Test Editior for "sport auto" magazine, the 3-Eleven behaved confidently and brave in the harsh weather conditions: the temperature

evora 410: what makes it better than the predecessor?

Evora 410: What Makes it Better Than the Predecessor?

Recently after the showcase of Elise Cup 250, Exige Sport 350 and Evora 400, Lotus takes one more step forward with the showcase of the high-performance Evora Sport 410. With tons of improvements, tweaks and fine-tunes the latest Lotus family member offers a 410hp (301kW) power unit with track-bred 3-Eleven that clocks

is the new lotus elise cup 250 that good? let's find out!

Is the New Lotus Elise Cup 250 That Good? Let's Find Out!

Lotus keeps proving that less means more and now it has done it one more time with the performance-oriented Elise Cup model. Coming with enhanced drivetrain system, this sweetie is lighter with 21kg and more powerful with a total of 26hp, compared to its predecessor. So, what else is special about Cup edition? Let's fi

lotus launches a special video in honor of the 2016 exige sport 350 [video]

Lotus Launches A Special Video In Honor of the 2016 Exige Sport 350 [VIDEO]

We have told you about the new Lotus Exige Sport 350: this is the latest and greatest model of the class-leading and award-winning sports vehicle. It comes with more power, lower weight and improved capabilities. But it looks like Lotus team is still not satisfied with model's advertisement appearance, so they decided to review one more time its latest creation in a special video. It demonstrates where improvements have been made and a glimpse

lotus exige sport 350: a fairytale of weight reduction and power enhancement

Lotus Exige Sport 350: A Fairytale of Weight Reduction and Power Enhancement

Lotus has revealed Sport 350, the latest version of the class-leading and award-winning vehicle and apparently an incarnation of the well-known Exige model. Doing what it can do best, Lotus focused on performance, looks and capabilities. This sweetie combines two of Lotus' best-known features: lightweight extruded aluminum chassis structure with muscular and aerodynamic and efficient body. Furthermore, Lotus' "Lightweight Laboratory" managed t

local motors came up with plan for mass production of 3d vehicles

Local Motors Came Up With Plan For Mass Production of 3D Vehicles

Less than four months have passes since the first design for a 3D-printed car was revealed, when Local Motors demonstrates the LM3D Swim, the latest rapid vehicle iteration that leads to full homologated 3D-printed car, especially created to be safe, smart and flexible. The sales are scheduled for spring 2016. Local Motors, the brand that shocked the world with its live-printing of world's first 3D-printed vehicle at SEMA last year now raises

evora 400: is it the most appealing lotus yet? [video]

Evora 400: Is It the Most Appealing Lotus Yet? [VIDEO]

By far, the most powerful Lotus in production, the Lotus Evora 400 comes as superior as you have never expected from it. This beast is not only beautiful, but it is also flexible, mean and aggressive. So, let's check it out! This sweetie is geared with fresh and powerful supercharged and charge-gooled mid-mounte

lotus 3-eleven: is it that interesting or is it just trying to be?

Lotus 3-Eleven: Is it That Interesting or Is It Just Trying to Be?

Lotus 3-Eleven is finally here! The high performance sports car was unveiled at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed and it expands the brand's lineup of expensive and high-end vehicles. Created with the well-known Lotus manner, the 3-Eleven has a lot to offer. But we all wonder if there are really some original features, or this is the same machine in different clothing. So, let's check out. First of all, the Lotus 3-Eleven definitely tries to

what is the pricing of the lotus evora 400?

What is the Pricing of the Lotus Evora 400?

Lotus has finally announced the pricing of the fastest and most powerful car in its range, the Evora 400. The first deliveries will happen in August and this is when the lucky customers will enjoy for vehicle’s high levels of standard specification. Of course, the Evora 400 will deliver nothing less but the iconic for the brand handling, however in more efficient and dynamic way. To remind you of car’s capabilities, it laps the test track at Hethel six seconds faster than the previous Evora S in a time of 1

the most powerful evora 400 validated at hethel

The Most Powerful Evora 400 Validated at Hethel

In February we saw the birth of the most powerful Lotus ever – the Evora 400. Then, at the Geneva Auto Saloon we witnessed its official public reveal. Now, the company has finally proved this with early tests, carried out by the Technical Manager for Lotus Motorsport, Gavan Kershaw. He drove the new Lotus at Hethel, boasting an advantage of six seconds per lap. During the tests he drove an Evora with standard road specifications, running on road tyres and suspension. The Evora 400 is the latest supercar Lotus