Daewoo are famous with their cheep and reliable cars. They provide good comfort and functionality at reasonable price. The latest creation form Daewoo is facelift of the popular Winstorm, which was release in 2006. The 2010 version of the SUV will go on sale from October 1st.

The announced price list includes 3 different models with 2 and 4 wheel drive. The LS model (2WD, five-seater) is priced at $19,096 (KRW 22.7 million); the LT model (2WD, five-seater) at $20,947 (KRW 24.9 million); and the LTX (4WD, five-seater) at KRW $25994 (KRW 30.9 million).

Winstorm offers comes with different option packages such as style, safety, navigation and premium.

2010 Daewoo Winstorm SUV is a great value for money.

2010 Daewoo Winstorm