Daewoo are famous with their cheep and reliable cars. They provide good comfort and functionality at reasonable price. The latest creation form Daewoo is facelift of the popular Winstorm, which was release in 2006. The 2010 version of the SUV will go on sale from October 1st.

The announced price list includes 3 different models with 2 and 4 wheel drive. The LS model (2WD, five-seater) is priced at $19,096 (KRW 22.7 million); the LT model (2WD, five-seater) at $20,947 (KRW 24.9 million); and the LTX (4WD, five-seater) at KRW $25994 (KRW 30.9 million).

Winstorm offers comes with different option packages such as style, safety, navigation and premium.

2010 Daewoo Winstorm SUV is a great value for money.

2010 Daewoo Winstorm Full Press Release:

GM Daewoo Introduces 2010 Model Year Winstorm SUV

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) has introduced the 2010 model year Winstorm.  The latest version of its popular SUV, which will come with new sales incentives, goes on sale beginning October 1.

The 2010 model incorporates new convenience features that complement its great performance and safety.  The super vision cluster with improved visibility comes as standard on all trim levels. In addition, chrome door handles incorporate the Winstorm's body color.

For the 2010 Winstorm, GM Daewoo is also launching an innovative new sales program. Instead of choosing a trim level with fixed options, the "My Choice" program enables customers to customize their vehicle by choosing various option packages such as style, safety, navigation, and premium packages – a first in Korea.

On top of that, the "Super Safe Warranty" program offers free vehicle exchange in case of a vehicle-to-vehicle accident within a year of purchase, unemployment support, hospitalization support, and automobile insurance. The "My Family" program offers a KRW 1 million discount for immediate family members of current Winstorm owners.

"In addition to great performance and value, with the 2010 Winstorm we're also offering various new sales programs to maximize customer satisfaction," said Rick LaBelle, GM Daewoo Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing.  "The ‘My Choice' program is an especially appealing way to enhance customer satisfaction, giving them more control in selecting what they want in their vehicles."

The 2010 Winstorm comes with a five-speed automatic transmission as standard. The SUV is offered in three trim levels with a choice of two-wheel drive (2WD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) and five or seven seats. The LS model (2WD, five-seater) is priced at  KRW 22.7 million; the LT model (2WD, five-seater) at KRW 24.9 million; and the LTX (4WD, five-seater) at KRW 30.9 million.