GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) launched its new premium compact SUV, the Winstorm MAXX, today.
The Winstorm MAXX is a five-seat SUV that integrates a dynamic exterior with an elegant interior. Its sporty driving characteristics set it apart from "city commuter" SUVs.Its balanced handling is sustained by a stiff steel body-frame integral structure and a responsive suspension setting.

"Since we launched our first SUV, the Winstorm, two years ago, GM Daewoo has quickly become a strong competitor in the SUV segment in Korea and around the world," said GM Daewoo Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing Rick LaBelle. "The Winstorm MAXX premium compact SUV gives us a more comprehensive SUV lineup and SUV buyers more choice."

"We are planning to add the Winstorm with a 2.4 gasoline engine to our SUV lineup, making it even more comprehensive and demonstrating our strong will to make all efforts to increase our domestic sales," said LaBelle.

Powered by 2.0-liter Variable Turbocharger Common Rail Diesel Injection (VCDi) engine, the Winstorm MAXX features intelligent four-wheel drive and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).The result is a vehicle that is a leader in its class in eco-friendliness, efficiency and safety.

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Sporty and Classy Crossover Styling

The Winstorm MAXX's solid character lines and taut surfaces accentuate the muscular look of a classic all-terrain vehicle.The front grille with a wide chrome bar, and eye-catching bi-xenon headlamps contribute to the impressive front styling of the Winstorm MAXX.Carefully crafted side air vents with integrated turn indicators in the front fenders add fresh accents to the side styling, which is highlighted by flangeless 18-inch alloy wheels. A striking chrome crossbar on the rear not only enhances the stylish look, but also emphasizes the vehicle's width and stability, underlined by a large curved rear window. Silver skid plates on both front and rear bumpers add to the sporty appearance and provide extra protection for the underbody.

The interior echoes the styling and elegance of a top-of-the-line sedan, with contoured bucket-type seats and a three-spoke leather steering wheel that reflect the Winstorm MAXX's dynamic SUV character.All instruments and operating controls are ergonomically placed and clearly laid out.Large, distinctive instruments and a center console with central information display give the cockpit a driver-oriented layout.

Agile Handling and Eco-Friendly Performance

A stiff steel-body frame integral structure, precise speed-dependent steering, advanced suspension system and active four-wheel drive contribute to the agile handling of the Winstorm MAXX.Front side load springs and rebound springs minimize the side force applied to the vehicle.A multi-link rear suspension system enhances traction while absorbing noise and vibration.The intelligent four-wheel-drive system activates the rear wheels quickly and seamlessly via an electronically controlled differential for optimal traction when needed.Under normal conditions, the Winstorm MAXX functions as purely a fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive car.

Automatic level ride control further improves driving dynamics and maintains a parallel illumination angle of headlamps at all times. With a pump integrated in the shock absorbers, reservoir, sensor, control mechanism and damper, the system is fitted in both rear wheels and automatically adapts the Winstorm MAXX to individual cargo loads.

The Winstorm MAXX's 150-horsepower 2.0-liter VCDi engine features an electronically controlled variable turbocharger.Its five-speed automatic transmission with manual select mode responds to the driver's demand for propulsion while achieving fuel efficiency of 11.3 km/? (4WD A/T). The stringent Euro IV-compliant engine reduces emissions and makes the Winstorm MAXX a low-pollution vehicle, exempting its owner from paying an environment improvement charge for the following five years.

Extensive Active and Passive Safety

The Winstorm MAXX comes with ESC (Electronic Stability Control), which incorporates a number of additional functions.DCS (Descent Control System) prevents skidding while driving downhill.TCS (Traction Control System) ensures a smooth start on rainy or snowy roads by preventing excessive slip.ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) and ARP (Anti-Rollover Program) add to peace of mind.

A rigid body shell made up of over 37 percent high-strength steel offers a high level of protection in the event of an accident. During a head-on impact, the body structure distributes the impact in four different directions to minimize the force on the driver and passengers. Other safety features include front air bags for the driver and front-seat passenger, side and curtain air bags, and the Isofix system for attaching child safety seats.

Premium Convenience Features

The Winstorm MAXX features numerous comfort and convenience amenities.They include three-step heated front seats, fully automatic air conditioning, automatic lighting control, front and rear park assist sensors, a high-pressure headlamp washer, and a glove box with a refrigerating function.

The Winstorm MAXX offers the best warranty among SUVs in Korea: three years or 60,000 kilometers and five years or 100,000 kilometers for the powertrain.The Winstorm MAXX comes in two trim levels.It is priced at KRW 28.3 million for the Deluxe and KRW 29.9 million for the Hi-Deluxe.

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology was established on October 17, 2002.It has five manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam.In addition, GM Daewoo provides market and brand-specific vehicle kits for assembly at GM facilities in China, Thailand, India, Colombia and Venezuela.In 2007, GM Daewoo sold in Korea and exported more than 1.88 million units, including CKD products.GM Daewoo now produces vehicles and kits for Chevrolet, Buick, Opel, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Holden and Suzuki that are offered in more than 150 markets on six continents.Imported GM products from the Cadillac and Saab premium brands are sold in Korea through GM AutoWorld retailers. More information on GM Daewoo and its products can be found on the company's website at

Winstorm MAXX Specifications


2.0 Diesel (AWD)

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Track (mm) Front




Valve train

16-Valve SOHC

Displacement (cc)


Max. Power (ps/rpm)


Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)



Five-Speed Automatic Transmission

Curb Weight (kg)


Fuel Efficiency (km/ℓ)