2011 Jaguar XF is really a great car, but it needed a little more individuality and aggressiveness. This is the reason, why the company presents the new sporty Black Pack to improve the presence of the vehicle.

The Black Pack includes dark-grey 20-inch Draco alloy wheels with diamond turned rims, a gloss black grille and gloss black window surrounds, the XF Black Pack is available on XF Diesel S, the 5-litre naturally aspirated petrol and XFR models, with prices starting at £950.

"The Black Pack gives the XF a highly distinctive, very modern and a slightly edgy appearance," commented Geoff Cousins, Managing Director, Jaguar UK.

"Since the Black Pack and Speed Pack were launched on the XKR sports car at the Geneva Motor Show, almost half of XKR coupe buyers have selected one or both options – double our original estimate – and we expect the Black Pack will generate just as much excitement amongst XF customers.", he added.

To provide added exclusivity and to maximise the visual impact, XF Black Pack vehicles can only be specified with a special colour palette chosen by Jaguar designers, including Polaris White, Spectrum Blue, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Lunar Grey and Liquid Silver, plus Kyanite Blue and Salsa Red which are colours unique to the XFR.

Finally, the Black Pack can be combined with the XF Aerodynamic Pack, which was launched on XF Diesel S earlier in 2010. It features re-profiled front bumper, striking black mesh inserts for the grille and lower air intakes and the muscular side sills from the XFR.

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