Nissan has revealed fully its all-new small Crossover, Juke. The 2011 Nissan Juke is specially developed as a fresh and different alternative for customers demanding for compact vehicle with multiform qualities. Representing a matchless blend between stunning SUV toughness and distinctive sporty character, the Juke will bring the much needed vigor and dynamism into the small car market.

The small Crossover Juke will be released on the European and North American market in the autumn of 2010, the Japan version will be available earlier, from the summer. The manufacturing process is planned for Nissan's factory in Sunderland, England, and in Oppama, Japan.

The lower portion of Juke's exterior drops a hint at some pure SUV elements: solid wheels, wide tires, extended ground clearance and a robust stance, but the top portion is reminding more of a sports vehicle. It boasts high waistline, slim visor-like side glass graphics and a coupe-style falling roofline.

On the inside, the small crossover promises sports styled and driver-orientated cabin with centre console design inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank. Flexibility and versatility are also carried in the newcomer, it benefits from rear-opening hatch and roomy luggage area with hidden storage opportunities.

The all-new Juke is based on the Renault Nissan Alliance B platform and has a 2530mm wheelbase, is 4135mm long, 1765mm wide and 1570mm tall. Its ALL-MODE 4x4-I is improved version of the brand's renowned electronic all-wheel drive unit and now include torque-vectoring technology to enhance agility and reduce understeer when cornering.

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The European version will be available with a choice of three different power units: one diesel and two 1.6-litre petrol-powered, Euro 5 compliant engines. The top of the line power-plant will be the new MR16DDT, turbocharged petrol engine fitted with direct injection. Regarded as one of the most potent in that class, it is capable to develop 190 horsepower (140kW) and 240 Nm. The combination of direct injection with a turbocharger provides the power and responses expected from a 2.5-litre engine with the economy of a smaller engine.

The other petrol unit is a refined version of Nissan's trusted HR-family. Dubbed HR16DE, the lightweight, low-friction 16-valve engine now has a unique dual-injection system allowing finer metering of the fuel sprays for better combustion and develops 117 horsepower (86kW).

The diesel variant is titled K9K, it is a 1.5-litre dCI common rail diesel engine, which renders 110 horsepower (81kW) and 240 Nm of torque offering great economy level and minimum emissions.

For transferring the output power to the asphalt, Nissan is offering wide variety of both six- and five-speed transmissions, including the XTRONIC CVT transmission. The 1.5-litre diesel engine will be available with a 6-speed manual transmission.

According to Nissan's PR team, the new Juke will have an impressive list of technology features including climate control, leather upholstery, rear view camera, Intelligent Key and Nissan Dynamic Control System.

Engine Power Fuel Drive Transmission
1.5 dCi 81kW Diesel 2wd 6-speed manual
1.6i 86kW Petrol 2wd 5-speed manual
1.6i 86kW Petrol 2wd Updated XTRONIC CVT
1.6i Turbo 140kW Petrol 2wd 6-speed manual
1.6i Turbo 140kW Petrol 4wd XTRONIC CVT M6