The Mustang RTR package is not what you'd call a "genuine" after-market love child. Not because it's insufficient but because it's actually offered at Ford dealerships. That makes it pretty official, despite being conceived by Vaughn Gittin Jr. - World Champion drifter and Mustang fanatic. Classic Design Concepts helped shape Mr. Gittin shape his dream of a better, more powerful, more appealing and more exciting pony. Will the 2013 Ford Mustang RTR hit the spot?

The package is divided into two stages:

Spec 1 can go on the V6 or the V8 model thus adding some flare with a rear spoiler a front chin...a license plate surround with ducts in it (what?) and some badges on the sides and at the back. Optionally you can go with the special RTR signature graphics that shoo away dullness.

Ford Mustang RTR (2013)

It's not all hips and thighs though. An RTR Axleback exhaust system adds 9 hp while Ford Racing 1'' lowering springs hunker down the whole car. That leaves just enough space in the wheel arches for 9.5 x 19 RTR wheels wrapped in high performance Falken FK 453 tires.

Inside, one gets some more badges, embroidered floor mats an RTR shift knob and a serial plate that indexes the number of your Mustang RTR and also bare Mr. Gittin's signature.

That was for Spec 1. Spec 2 (V8 only) goes the extra mile and adds a rear diffuser and rocker splitters which will presumably provide even more downforce. That's why it only seems logical to add a bit more power – 16 hp coming from a Ford Racing Tune and a K&N air filter. Not exactly groundbreaking but the RTR Mustang is no longer a straight road muscle car. Thanks to some Ford Racing adjustable shocks, Ford Racing upper shock mounts, RTR adjustable front and rear sway bars, cross drilled and slotted rotors and some RTR rear chassis support, you can go side ways all day and still not need a pelvis transplant.

Not convinced? Here's a video with some smooth camera angles, a cool track and a 2013 Ford Mustang RTR doing some eye-candy stuff:

Video source: MustangRTR via YouYube