2016 FIAT 124 Spider The new FIAT 124 Spider was revealed to the UK media at the International Media Event in Verona, Italy. Arriving with that impeccable classic Italian style, the vehicle remains true to its roots, but at the same time shows numerous additions and changes. So, let's check out what the new beauty has to offer!

Exterior styling

Designed in the FIAT Style Centre, the vehicle comes with a well-known appearance, but at the same time adds and something new. The whole body is well-proportioned and muscular, resembling a pure classic roadster appearance.

The front is also inspired by its 1960s predecessors and masterfully blends the romance of a past era with today's vision for beauty. The position of the LED headlamps and the hexagonal grille are definitely ripped off the classic roadster appearance, just like the bonnet that emulates twin power domes of the second-gen FIAT 124 Spider.

At the same time, the rear shows a swallow-tail rear wings with cascade inwards toward the decklid, sharp horizontal tail lamps with noticeable ring shape. And the rear spoiler not only enhances the aerodynamic features of the vehicle, but also contributes to that sporty and elegant stance.

2016 FIAT 124 Spider

In terms of personalization, the FIAT 124 Spider will be available in eight exterior colors: Passione Red and Ice White, which are pastel finishes, Volcano Black, Argento Grey, Fashion Grey, Magnetic Bronze and Italia Blue that are full metallic and a special tri-coat pearlescent finish: the Urban White.

Interior styling

The cabin is created in accordance to the highest standards of safety and convenience and welcomes everyone to a rather cozy and functional place, filled with premium materials , high quality components and cutting-edge technologies.

For example, the steering wheel is not only more comfortable in terms of style, but is also wrapped in high-quality leather. At the same timethe light mesh structure seats and the exclusive shape of the trim and foam parts do guarantee the highest levels of comfort and pleasure of driving.

Drivetrain system

Under the bonnet FIAT enthusiasts will find a trustworthy 1,3368cc MultiAir turbocharged four-cylinder power unit that delivers a total of 140hp (104kW) and 240Nm of torque, delivered to the rear wheels, via a six-speed manual gearbox. In terms of performance capabilities, the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 7,5 seconds and chases a top speed of 215km/h (134kW).

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The suspension system comes with a double-wishbone layout that is fine-tuned in order to deliver more stability and flexibility while braking. Also, there are dual-pinion electric power steering system, also fine-tuned in order to give the Spider a better response.

Safety and utility features

Fiat 124 Spider comes with tons of active and passive safety technoogies. There is a voice-controlled infotainment system, LED rear light cluster, four airbags, TPMS, cruise control, a speed limiter, ESC, ABS and EBD, rear parking-assist, all part of the standard equipment.

2016 FIAT 124 Spider

In fact, the whole body is made from high-tensile materials and dedicated structures that enhance the comfort via absorbing vibrations and noise. Cool, right?

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