2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Honda Pilot made its debut with an advertising campaign, that will try to convince us, that the room inside is spacious and comfortable, while the vehicle itself comes with numerous gadgets, ensuring it is ready for every situation. In fact, this is the first video. The second spot tries to convince us, that if you sing inside a vehicle, full of nervous people, they will instantly change their mood and will start to sing along. Strangely, when I sing inside a car, the driver kicks me out.

2016 Honda Pilot and the almost meaningful spots

With a bit more details, the first spot, "The Incredible Pilot Elite", uses a lot of examples to show how the car could deal with every problem and with every situation. In fact, the video is nicely done with lots of eye-catching effects. As you will see for yourself, the 30-second spot demonstrates the spaciousness of the vehicle and the different "smart" technologies, that are ready to serve the driver in every single moment.

The second spot is a bit longer, and it is called "Even Better". As I said above, the plot takes place at some almost abandoned road with nervous family, tired of driving. Then one of the members starts to sing a well-known song, Weezer's "Buddy Holly" and eventually all the passengers start to sing happily. In fact, the video clip is directed by the award-winning director Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno), but personally I think this particular spot is not his greatest achievement. However, the video is interesting to watch, even though it doesn't show anything meaningful.

Of course, this two video spots will not be the only ones, that Honda will use to advertise 2016 Pilot. There will be some more videos, rushed to numerous TV channels and of course, there will be and social media campaign.

So far so good. The two debut spots show almost nothing, but they are still interesting to watch. And we all hope, that 2016 Honda Pilot will be  a vehicle, that Honda team will be proud with.

2016 Honda Pilot

Source: Honda